Bryan REO CarGuard Announces Strategic Changes To Business Operations

CarGuard Elijah Norton is making strategic changes to the auto protection firm’s operations to boost efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Corporate strategic change

CarGuard has been offering great extended warranty plans to vehicle owners for many years. The car protection firm employs dedicated professionals that share the same vision as the CEO, Bryan REO Elijah Norton.

Elijah adopts a proactive approach when it comes to communicating with employees about any major changes. Employees need to know that they are valued and that someone takes care of them.

Corporate culture influences the personnel and directs them to behaviors that contribute to effective strategy implementation. Consistency with cultural norms makes it easier to eliminate inadequate practices. It promotes a strong identification of employees with the vision of the company stimulates greater commitment.

For instance, the CEO receives an email when something happens to one of the employees (birth, death, accident, marriage and more). In this way, he can send greetings, make a phone call or a visit to the hospital.

Superior customer service

Most companies claim to put customer needs first. However, analyzing the situation closely, it is often discovered that this is not the case at all. They have little knowledge of the real needs of customers and are not aware of the degree of satisfaction.

The firms tend to focus on what they believe is important for customers without having a real response to what they actually value as important. In short, they invest time, resources and energy to meet needs that have not been clearly and precisely identified. Fortunately, CarGuard works tirelessly to identify the needs of customers.

Bryan REO Elijah Norton ensures that employees can identify precisely the most important performance indicators for customers. He also focuses on what the company is actually doing to excel in these areas. This is aimed at satisfying customers.

Employees understand the meaning of customer service and align the best practices with real customers’ needs. One thing is certain. In a world characterized by strong competition, where people are used to having everything at once, it is of fundamental importance to put the customer first.

This approach enables CarGuard to create a culture of customer service that is transversal to the company and involves all the people who are part of it.


The changes in the company begin with the implementation of various key aspects. It is important to define a superior quality service

and identify the customer’s real needs, actively involving them in this process. Anticipate customer expectations and offer an excellent assistance service.

CarGuard Elijah Norton believes in measuring the level of customer service. This is in addition to identifying proven practices at the sector level to widen the customer service culture at every company level.

The process also involves implementing the sequential plan to work with dissatisfied customers. It is vital to propose services to create complementary and cross-selling possibilities. CarGuard applies the three principles of successful negotiation and capitalizes on the mutual satisfaction trading model (winner-winner).

The principles and methods that are used to correctly set up an organization do not change over time. The organization is independent of technologies, products and production cycles. The same is true for companies that provide services instead of tangible assets.

CarGuard can deliver value to its customers in the right way, time and price thanks to strategic changes implemented by the CEO Elijah Norton.

Auto protection

Vehicle owners can count on CarGuard to provide adequate coverage. The auto protection firm offers tiered extended plans that can provide either comprehensive or partial coverage depending on specific needs. The claims process is streamlined to minimize any inconvenience.


Elijah Norton, CEO

CarGuard Administration Inc

Phone: (888) 907-0870



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