3 B2B Email Marketing Strategies That Convert

If you deal directly with a single consumer, you can easily tug their heartstrings with a compelling newsletter to get them to buy something. However, B2B marketing is a bit different.

B2B email marketing strategy

The buying process typically takes longer and the investment will likely be larger. Over time, you will have to nurture a relationship with the purchaser or manager to make the sale. With that in mind, how can you successfully get a B2B subscriber to open your emails, let alone respond and convert?

Here are 3 strategies that a B2B company can use to increase customer conversions with email marketing:

1. Know Your Subscribers’ Pain Points

Be sure to consider what your subscriber’s needs are and what the pain points are for the business.

Make it apparent in the body of your email by highlighting the issues. This way the subscribers know from the start that you are familiar with their needs. Next, consider how your product or service can offer a solution to a problem they are facing. This is a good opportunity to leverage proof of your offerings by sharing things like…

  • Case studies
  • Customer Reviews
  • Thought-leadership content
  • Industry stats about a common dilemma that you can solve

From there, educate them on how you will ultimately help them overcome the obstacles they are facing. Keep in mind that people do not want a pushy sales pitch. They want to feel confident that their best interest is in mind, so think of this initial approach as the beginning of your sales funnel.

2. Add a Touch of Personalization with Automation

What do you know about your subscribers? How can you use what you know as leverage to gain their trust and communication? These are things to consider when constructing an email to a potential client.

There are different ways to achieve a level of familiarity. To start, be sure to address the point of contact by name and reference their business or position. You can add this to the subject line or the initial greeting of the email. After the introduction, you can then provide value to your lead by engaging with them about their specific industry.

Using a time-saving email application, like Mixmax, you can dynamically send emails based on customers’ behaviors. Mixmax integrates with CRM tools like Salesforce allowing it to send emails when a contact is updated such as when a lead becomes a sale.

In addition, any user information you have is to your advantage and can be worked into the body of the email. For instance, MixMax gives you the opportunity to…

  • Use flawless email tracking tools to measure open rates and response rates
  • Embed polls and surveys to acquire more customer info on a deeper level
  • Develop curated sequences and auto-responses based on customer email behavior
  • Have widespread integrations with a variety of third-party applications

The idea is to streamline your workflow while creating a personal feel for the lead. Email automation tools give you a touch of personalization to work with, and over time, you can develop that strategy into an engaging campaign.

Engaging email marketing

3. Create Drip Email Campaigns to Build Your Pipeline

The point of a drip-email campaign is to send subscribers relevant information over a series of emails, leading them to make a purchase. Here are 4 steps to follow:

Make a Strong Introduction

When someone adds their company email address to your mailing list, a message is sent out to welcome the subscribers. This is where you can share a little more info about your business, who you are, and what value you can bring to them.

Send Strategic Emails

From there, you can set a schedule for emails to be sent out once a week, at specific times, to entice your subscribers to move further down the funnel towards the sale.

Provide Value, Not Quantity

But you don’t want to overwhelm them with too much data all at once. Too much content could lead to your message being glossed over or deleted, and this can be avoided by creating email sequences. It helps you guide your potential clients with just the right amount of information over a period of time.

Duplicate the Pipeline

This allows the potential client an opportunity to better understand what your product or service is and how it will benefit their business in the long-term. Once you gain a lead’s trust and nurture them to the end results, you can duplicate the same pipeline for other prospects and tailor it toward different industries.

Are You Ready to Gain More Conversions?

If you familiarize yourself with the audience at hand and construct personalized emails that are relevant to the needs of their business, you are certainly on the right track when it comes to B2B email marketing.

Combine this with a successful drip email campaign and you are sure to increase engagement and funnel future clients through the sales process with stellar results.


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