Innovative Personalization in E-Events

When we think about personalization, we often think about products or services tailored specifically to our interests and needs.

But personalization can also play a huge role in virtual events to make online conferences, meetings, and seminars feel more meaningful and valuable for each individual participant.

Online seminar

As attendees, we’ve all had the experience of feeling drowned out and detached during large virtual events. It’s so easy to zone out when speakers barrage you with generic content that doesn’t align with what you actually care about.

But get this – event hosts have the power to flip that dull and impersonal experience on its head!…

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Personalization in Omnichannel Messaging: How To Deliver Relevant and Engaging Messages

Omnichannel communication is one of the best ways to encourage repeat business. If you sell an ongoing service, subscription service, or anything that can and should be purchased repeatedly, an omnichannel messaging platform and omnichannel software might work best for you.

Reading personalized messages

If you have a delighted client, there’s no reason to work so hard (or focus so much on ad spending) to make repeat sales. In fact, they already want to hear from you. It’s just a matter of figuring out how and when to ensure they see your message so they’re reminded to buy again.

You can reach customers through targeted email campaigns, retargeted social ads, and more.…

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3 B2B Email Marketing Strategies That Convert

If you deal directly with a single consumer, you can easily tug their heartstrings with a compelling newsletter to get them to buy something. However, B2B marketing is a bit different.

B2B email marketing strategy

The buying process typically takes longer and the investment will likely be larger. Over time, you will have to nurture a relationship with the purchaser or manager to make the sale. With that in mind, how can you successfully get a B2B subscriber to open your emails, let alone respond and convert?

Here are 3 strategies that a B2B company can use to increase customer conversions with email marketing:


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