3 Important Cloud Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

Cloud computing has enjoyed a warm welcome this past decade, and the future is only looking better for the industry.

It seems like only yesterday that you could finally create and save documents in the cloud. Goodbye, hard drives, and say hello to cloud storage. It’s never been easier to save files to any connected device and print from your phone.

Cloud trends for 2020

Cloud trends of the past helped revolutionize collaborative work, allowing team members to edit and share documents from anywhere in the world. Artists and graphic designers have also benefited from cloud-based creative tools and programs.

The tech industry is just starting to unleash the potential of the cloud. Discover the latest cloud computing trends kicking off 2020.

1. Scaling to New Heights

Knowing how to scale for growth effectively is just as important as growing a business. Cloud technology has already proven its worth as a powerful tool for scaling. Even the most critical departments like accounting have now shifted to a cloud based approach using QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Solutions. There are already cloud tools for document signing, ERP system management, company recruitment, and metrics.

These tools streamline tasks more efficiently. Tasks that would have taken weeks to process can be finished in a matter of days. One shining example of this is obtaining a real signature from someone halfway around the world in a matter of minutes.

Thanks to the cloud, businesses are speeding up the legal and compliance process. Look for more cloud-based-tools for managing and delivering legal documents. You should also expect an uptick in cloud security tools as new tools are added to the cloud.

2. Welcome to the Omni-Cloud

Cloud technology has taken off.

The cloud alone already proved to be too limited for large enterprises. It wasn’t long until multi-cloud tools hit the scene, ushering in the age of Infrastructure-as-a-Service, or IaaS. Hybrid cloud solutions were also developed to accommodate the demands of enterprise-level clients.

It’s 2020, and companies are looking for more cloud solutions that can handle their growth. Enter, the Omni-cloud.

Instead of just leveraging one cloud computing platform, like Amazon Web Services, multi-national corporations are leveraging all major platforms to their advantage. Look for more cloud trends that help integrate these solutions for customers.

3. Expect More Cloud Integration with AI

Is the rise of cloud computing merging with the rise of the machines? It appears that way.

In hopes of speeding up the development of machine learning-base applications, watch for commercial cloud services to take the place of open source platforms. Research from the recent CIO survey expects this trend to soar in 2020.

Another AI cloud computing trend to watch is hyper-automation. Regular automation isn’t enough anymore. Software developers need a more precise, intelligent, and dynamic automation process in 2020.

Stay Updated on the Latest Cloud Trends

Cloud technology has already changed so much since its introduction. These latest cloud trends like Azure WVD will be gone in a blink by the time 2021 arrives.

Don’t get left behind. Stay in the loop, so you can take full advantage of the newest tools for business growth. Check back daily for the latest tips, trends, and tools in your industry.


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