How Zoom Meeting Helped Italy During The Lockdown

The effect of the pandemic in Italy has been grave and the lockdown has created a disruption in the everyday life of its people. People are suddenly confined to their own homes, not being able to go out to work or socialize. It is during these desperate times that Zoom has been able to create a virtual environment that has helped the people of Italy in a lot of ways.

Work during COVID-19 lockdown

Getting In Touch with Family and Friends

One of the biggest impacts of the lockdown is getting isolated from friends and family, especially those who are living far apart. This has become a challenge for their family life since Italians are known to have close-knitted family relationships. And even though they are challenged now to keep in touch with each other, Zoom applications have enabled them to see each other virtually.

The apps have provided temporary relief for people who cannot go and see each other over the weekends and special events. Because the application allows for a multiple number of people making video calls simultaneously, family and friends can already call and update each other. This will also provide a way for people itching to make conversations possible in the midst of the lockdown.

With the application, people have been creative in using it to take their significant others to virtual dates and doing activities together at the same time.

Continuation of Learning

A great number of the population are students and learners who are now experiencing interference in their school life. This has led a lot of students stagnant and schools unprepared because the suspension of classes was done so abruptly. Because of these, platforms that can enable learning are widely used in the attempt to give supplementary learning activities and worksheets to students.

Other people have opened up their own Zoom classes to teach about other skills including painting, cooking, and photography. For other people who are already working, different online classes and training sessions have been offered by people who are advocating for a continuation of learning despite the circumstances.

Enabling Work From Home

One of the biggest help that Zoom is providing is the possibility of working from home. A lot of people now are suddenly out of jobs because they cannot leave for the office. Thankfully, a lot of companies have allowed their employees to continue their functions at home.

Most of the workers enabled to work from home are those who can perform their duties by having a Zoom meeting including client meetups, job interviews, and customer services. People can even meet with their bosses and colleagues to discuss their agendas online. It is now saving a lot of people from unemployment.

Colorful townhouses in Italy

Workshops and Other Meetings

There are plenty of workshops now available for Italians due to all the free time all people can afford now. There are even workshops to improve your mental health in this crisis. Others would include financial management, wellness and health, and even religious workshops for people who cannot go to church.

All of those have enabled people to further personal development while interacting with other people. Chances are, there is a Zoom meeting out there that will surely help you with your need if you keep searching for one.

Entertainment and Streaming

What will happen to a group of people who cannot be together but can participate in video calls at the same time? A lot. This is how musicians and other artists are collaborating despite not being able to perform together.

Zoom has hosted a lot of online concerts by different people who are just at their home studio. This is very interesting because it is just the kind of upliftment a lot of Italians, and people all over the world, needs. From classical songs to rock bands, there are a lot of them who are hosting their shows online and you would just need to have an invitation in order to hear them.

There are even new bands that are getting formed just because of this. Not just musicals, there are also people who stream free tutorials on exercises and fitness so people can stay in shape while being in lockdown.


The impact of the lockdown has really been hard in Italy but Zoom has been able to close some gaps. Its services can be utilized by people who want to stay connected and productive during their time in isolation. Not only is it helpful but it has also given more quality to their everyday life.


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