How to Refresh Your Brand Image When Feeling Outdated

Creating a brand from scratch is a lot of work. And it is also a huge responsibility – once you launch your brand, you will have to stick to the brand identity and communicate through the brand’s main virtues of what it represents and the additional values that it provides.

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Also, after launching your brand and starting your own business, you will start working on brand awareness. You will be making sure people hear about your brand and learn to recognize it by multiple elements – colors, style, tone of voice, and many other factors. But with time, everything wears off, and a change is always good but not always easy to deal with.

If lately, you have felt that your brand image has worn off and no longer fits in the modern society, then probably it has come time for a change

In this article, we want to help you understand better what branding really is, how it works, and what could be the main reasons to refresh your brand.

What Is Branding And Is Your Brand Outdated?

There are so many great logo examples in the world that used to be great at specific segments of time. But take any popular brand like Microsoft, and you will see that they have a great feeling about when their brand image has become outdated and changed the logo numerous times during the years. However, branding is so much more than a logo.

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If you often think about what is branding, and want to find out more about it, then this article is just for you. And if you already asked yourself these questions, then it probably means that the time has come. Further, we are going to share four main ideas why you should refresh your brand image.

Idea #1 – Attract New Customers

It is great if you have your target audience all figured out. But if you see potential in your business and you want to grow and expand it, then it is even better. But have it in mind that expanding your production and wanting to expand the target audience range too will require some serious rebranding.

But it’s definitely worth it. Just think about it. You will both grow your business and show your customers that your brand is modern, up-to-date, and not afraid of change. Also, this will boost your sales and help grow the entire company. Change is never easy, especially if your company has been doing the same thing for years and years now. But you need to have it in mind that time flies and what used to be interesting for people in the last decade might become very outdated in this one.

Idea #2 – Try to Outshine Your Competition

It has become way easier to start a business, especially an online one. And it is great to see that so many people are pursuing their dreams, but this has also made the market of eCommerce very crowded. And as a result, it becomes more and more difficult to compete against all of the competitors in the market. You need to do serious work on your marketing strategy in order to outstand and outshine your competition.

Idea #3 – Think About the Changes You Have Made

People are often afraid of change. Which can have a negative impact on a company that has the potential to expand, grow, and scale the business. Especially if the company is trying to “stay true” to its’ primary state, functions, and product lines.

Although it might be hard to move forward after so many years of doing the same thing, not moving forward is not healthy for the business. And it objects the main reason for any business – to earn revenue and have a positive return on investment.

Idea #4 – Strategize and Come up With New Brand Ideas

One of the main reasons to refresh your brand is the lack of attention and brand recognition. A brand that is truly great is more than just a logo. It gives serious reasons for your customers to be interested in the brand, and it depends on what your brand stands for and how it speaks to your target audience – and is it modern enough?

If you are wondering how to determine if your brand has become outdated and no longer receiving enough attention, it is very easy to notice. If you see a constant decline in your sales and after you analyze your marketing strategy and the functionality of your website, then the only thing that’s left is the brand itself. It means time for a change has come.


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