How Can You Unlock Your Financial Potential? It Starts with Credit, According to Colin Yurcisin

We’re expected to pay taxes, make payments, take out loans, review interest rates, and manage credit cards the moment we’re thrust out into the world after high school. It can be a heavy amount of information we are expected to learn once we hit the age of 18, considering our basic education does not cover the ins and outs of financial literacy today.

Business credit financing

More important than loans or rates is one measurement of financial trustworthiness that can make or break your future, according to finance entrepreneur Colin Yurcisin. It’s known as credit.

When individuals fail to pay back loans, accumulate more debt than they can pay off, and make poor financial decisions at a young age, they impact their credit score in a damaging way. That credit score, otherwise known as the numerical figure attached to your name that reflects your reliability as a borrower, can completely undercut your future financial potential, says Yurcisin. When banks, lenders, and investors see a poor credit score, they automatically assume you are not “worth” the risk.

In fact, a few things happen when you have a bad credit score according to the “Credit King:”

  • Poor credit makes it harder to get car and home loans, or qualify for credit card accounts
  • Loans are attached to higher interest rates that make them more expensive for you to pay off
  • Consumers with lower credit scores will pay more for renter’s, home, and auto insurance
  • Employers may be less likely to hire you if you have an abysmal credit score
  • Business lenders or investors will be more hesitant to do business with you/invest in your venture

When a lending institution deems someone untrustworthy, they tack on a higher interest rate to make up for the level of default risk. The odds become stacked against you before you even have a chance to prove people otherwise.

Yurcisin was in the same boat in his early 20s. With no financial education, he managed to accumulate $40,000 of debt without a plan to pay it off. Falling for a get-rich-quick scam, paired with student loan debt, Yurcisin knew he had to start approaching the concept of credit with a new mindset.

“I knew I had gotten myself into a bad situation – if I continued on the path I was on, I was going to completely destroy my entire adult life,” said Yurcisin. “Panicked, I began to buy and read books about credit. I wanted to educate myself with every last piece of information I could find. I figured if I spent enough time learning about the flow and management of credit, I could maybe change that horrible number attached my name.”

As his newfound education equipped him with the power to change his credit score, more and more people in Yurcisin’s life approached him and asked him if he could help them, too. They had fallen into the same trap so many Americans can’t avoid (more than 53% of Americans have been rejected for a credit card, loan, or car loan due to poor credit according to ScoreSense).

Unlocking Financial Potential with Education

That’s why inspired Yurcisin to launch the Credit Class: a comprehensive credit education platform. Configured to address all of the questions related to building credit, fixing bad credit, taking out the right credit cards, requesting business credit, and more, the Credit Class became a beacon of hope for so many students in need of credit assistance.

Today, Credit Class graduates can invest, take out affordable loans, build businesses, and travel for free around the world. It all started with that one number they knew nothing about.

For those who are interested in finally unlocking their future financial potential, check out the Credit Class here:


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