The Most Important Hard Skill Business Owners Should Learn in 2020? SEO!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of those terms that intimidates, confuses, and frustrates so many today. The acronym itself is strapped with misinformation and misunderstanding that convinces business owners and marketers it’s some kind of taboo, hard-to-understand digital marketing service better left to the professionals.

SEO consultant advising a client

The reality is that SEO is not complex, hard-to-understand, or impossible to tackle at all. However, as more companies refuse to explore the simple education behind SEO, they are harming their company’s online search engine rankings tenfold. In fact, 91% of pages never get any organic traffic from Google – due to the fact that they don’t have any backlinks!

That’s probably why Microsoft recently stated that SEO is the most important hard skill business owners and marketers should learn this year. The “intricacies” of this digital skill are integral to digital marketing – they can’t be ignored any longer. The ability to rank a website competitively in Google makes or breaks business success; it has nothing to do with the actual quality and presentation of the product or service. If people can’t find it, they’ll never know it existed, right?

Rewriting the SEO Conversation

One SEO entrepreneur is tired of the SEO myths that continue to undercut some of the most promising platforms of our time. That’s why Harry Sanders launched StudioHawk: Australia’s largest dedicated SEO agency with a team of over 22 SEO specialists.

Working with global brands to amass $3.5 million thus far, Sanders, at age 22, has been studying the art of SEO since only 13 when he assisted his dad’s business to bring in more clients. He watched his father waste countless dollars on SEO teams that did nothing for the business. Sanders figured there had to be an easier – and better – way. He set out to educate himself and figure out the roadblock.

Along the way, Sanders was horrified at the lack of information, and sometimes, purposeful misinformation to confuse business owners into thinking they needed outside help. Through StudioHawk, Sanders committed himself to sharing the truth about SEO so promising small businesses and startups could master the basics of SEO.

From Education Comes Empowerment

Sanders and StudioHawk are now launching Hawk Academy to share the real secrets behind SEO. The online learning platform is equipped with detailed SEO modules that make the complexities of SEO much simpler and easier to follow. The educational portal also contains practical guides and quizzes to test understanding after each module is complete.

All members of StudioHawk are on standby to reach students from their real and practical SEO experience, where they engage an online forum with other platform students. Both the experts and students are able to bounce ideas off of one another as they further enhance their understanding of SEO and what it can do for businesses today.

“Education is the most powerful capital in the entire world, which is why we want to open up the ‘secrets’ of SEO so everyday people can learn more about this critical digital skill,” said Sanders. “What most people don’t know about SEO is that it’s actually simple, easy to understand, and practical. We’ve created an intuitive educational platform that distills the SEO process into easy, repeatable steps for ultimate success.”

Hawk Academy also addresses the misinformation surrounding SEO by kicking off the modules in a way that unpacks all of the incorrectly learned SEO tactics and tips.

The Academy is available with free content accessible to anyone, a middle tier package for $40, and a top tier package for $300 that includes informative modules. Hawk Academy is also offering scholarships to at-risk youth or those that do not have the means to enroll in the program.

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