Why SME Need To Consider On-Demand Graphic Design Service Provider – Penji

Graphics design needs come up all the time, from marketing materials to websites to social media. While it might be tempting to use someone in-house for your graphics design needs, you’ll quickly find that this is time consuming and might not always produce the most professional impact. You might then turn to outsourcing for your graphics design needs, but this is also a costly and sometimes time consuming process.

On-demand graphic designer

First, you have to find a graphics designer who can professionally produce the graphics you need for your website or marketing campaign, and you also likely want someone who can do so within a specific timeframe and budget.

That’s where Penji comes in.

They offer a talented team of professional graphics design professionals who offer on-demand graphic design for all of those imagery needs that happen with a time constraint. In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Penji on-demand graphics design and the ins and outs of their service.

Penji was built from the ground up by entrepreneurs who faced the challenge of needing graphics design pronto, and they knew that if they could provide an on-demand graphics design service, they could help others reduce expenses on deadline. To date, they have already worked with major brands such as Rebook, Pepboys, Express, and 1800-Flowers.

Penji’s team promises to deliver graphic design at a desirable price point based on a flat rate. Monthly flat rates give clients the ability to choose whatever they need for their marketing goals, and they can even cancel at any point without worrying about any sort of contract. One of the things we couldn’t help but notice is how many ratings and testimonials happy clients have left for Penji.

We delved in to try Penji for ourselves, and here’s what we found:


We really liked that we could simply choose a package (here’s the price list, if you’re wondering.) The most popular package, Team, includes graphic design, illustration, and UX/UI for $499 per month and supports up to 5 users. All the packages are backed by a 15 day money back guarantee, and these package prices are set in stone. We didn’t have any surprise fees. The flat monthly fee was a winner in our books, and the fact that there weren’t any contracts met we could cancel at any time.

Unlimited projects

This is where we found the most value in Penji. We were able to go right in and create an unlimited amount of design projects in the platform. Then, once we had posted our projects in their entirety, a Penji designer was assigned. It was a very smooth process, and we just like that we could have several projects taking place all at once. If you have dynamic graphics design need, then you might find that this is a big plus!

Graphic design studio

Unlimited revisions

So, when you get your final product back, you can elect to ask for a revision, and you can request as many revisions as you want. We think this speaks volumes about the quality of the Penji platform. They want to make sure that every client is satisfied, and unlimited revisions is just one way they are working to show how serious they are about customer satisfaction. If you worry about going back and forth to get your graphics design project perfect, just know that Penji makes the revision process easy!

Getting your files is easy

Most of the time, when you’re working with a graphics designer, you’re left waiting for them to e-mail you source files and such. The wonderful thing about the Penji platform is that it offers a dashboard where you can go in and download your files as soon as they are ready. You don’t have to wait!

Fast turnarounds

If you find yourself in a time constraint, Penji offers fast turnarounds for every order. All designs are ready within 24-48 hours. This allows you to get your graphics up and running fast. When you’re working on a tight deadline for your next marketing campaign, keep Penji in mind.

Exceptional collaboration

Not only can you expect to work with your designer, but you can also invite your team to come online and be part of the collaboration. We really love that this is a possibility!

You own all the files

While there can be some ambiguity with other graphics designers, the team at Penji pledges that you receive total, 100% ownership of all of your files!

If you’ve been looking for the ideal solution for your graphics design needs, then we encourage you to take a look at Penji. They offer an exceptional value and quality that we recommend to anyone running a marketing campaign!


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