Team Productivity Low? 5 Tips For Every Aspiring Project Manager Out There

Beyonce said “girls run the world” and we don’t disagree. But here’s to people who run teams, the Project Managers. Several qualities of excellent project managers differentiate them from their other team members, and rightly so.

Project managers discussing project progress

It’s no big secret that being a Project Manager is not everybody’s cup of tea. Almost everyday, you face several challenges that you must overcome with patience and discipline. You may not always do it very skillfully, although don’t you wish that was possible?

Managing projects that concern the company’s existing practices and their overall mission are one of the many qualities of a project manager. Out of all these vital attributes, let’s check out these 5 qualities that make one a good project manager:

1. Ability To Make Communications Productive

Any successful project needs clear communication. Yet, most of the time, the team members are unable to do the same. As much as your day-to-day communications require order and being organized, it would help if you had it without conflict as well.

A manager needs to develop and master his/her conflict resolution skills by understanding himself and his team better. They are essential to have a sane interaction among the members, then he undoubtedly possesses the skill to transform an average project into a great one.

2. Ability To Manage Workflow

As a project manager, you already have too much on your platter. Handling your boss, clients, and employees. There’s pressure regarding your project’s result but don’t fall into the trap of this pressure. It is quite common to micromanage everything, but pursuing the same intensity might lead to an unsuccessful project.

For example: Blaming a team member for not reaching your expectations will not help your project. On the contrary, hiring the right member and spending time in training and guiding them will benefit you. Your ability to manage work will automatically fall in place if you hire well.

3. Ability To Make Decisions Based On Hard Data

The pressure of making the right decisions falls on the project manager too. And often, they are judged by the number of professionally accurate choices they make. Project managers often look for a way to increase the number and efficiency in future

The solution is to make decisions based on data. Companies have the figures, but project managers hardly know how to use them or project them. Data-driven analytics can help project managers to be productive.

Project leader discussing project

4. Ability To Reject Politely – But Firmly

Where there is a business, there is a client. But while your team is already working on something, should you overload them with another project? Technically, you can. But as a good project manager, it would not be reasonable of you to do so.

Before taking in another project, a good project manager will see if their team can take another project in hand and decide accordingly. Rejecting a client might be challenging, but not as challenging as putting the well-being of your team at risk. Hence, a good manager possesses the skills to say no, or more importantly, knows when to say it.

5. Ability To Provide An Environment For Professional Growth

Completing a project calls for a celebration, but you shouldn’t misjudge the success to follow you and your team with whatever projects you take on henceforth. It would help if you worked continuously in the business of gaining new knowledge and skills. Innovate from time to time.

Self-improvement is the precious key to unlock multiple possibilities and success that will come in the future. You may not know where a happy client can take you. Companies have policies for providing training to their employees to perform better with time and be productive more than ever.


While trying to perform all the abilities might not make you the perfect project manager, you will be an excellent manager that makes the team want to work and grow with you. All these abilities will help you successfully manage projects one by one!

Let us know which of these qualities you already own and which of these you are planning to develop over time!


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