Foolproof Your Content: The Best Proofreading Software All Small Businesses Should Use

According to Grammarly, they have 30 million active users who use their automated proofreading software.

However, that’s one of the only software options out there that you can use for proofreading your emails, documents, or posts.

But what is the best proofreading software? Keep reading to find out!

Proofreading using software


As we mentioned earlier, Grammarly has millions of users, making it one of the most popular automated proofreading software.

One of the reasons so many people like it is because it’s so easy to use. It’s designed well for people who aren’t used to using these kinds of software. However, it can easily catch all of your grammar and spelling errors.

You can download the free browser extension to let it spellcheck everything as you type. In some options, you can even have autocorrect on so that you don’t have to go back and fix the word yourself. This plugin works great with Chrome, but you can use it on other browsers and still have seamless editing regardless of what website you’re on.

Grammarly proofreading screenshot

photo credit: Grammarly

If you want, there is even a desktop version that you can download. You can also get an app for your phone so that you have it when you’re away from your computer as well.

The extension is free, but you can pay for a Premium Version as well for a monthly fee. When you buy the Premium version, it’ll give you many more corrections that you could make. This includes detecting any plagiarism, feedback on what genre you’re writing in, and suggestions on how to restructure your sentences.

Ginger Grammar Checker

Ginger Grammar Checker is another automated proofreading software that helps you write better.

You can use this to catch any spelling or grammar mistakes. It’ll also tell you if you’re using a word incorrectly so that you don’t keep making the same mistakes. This software can also tell you if you have any punctuation in the wrong spot.

What makes Ginger free from other software is that with the free version, you’ll even get suggestions on how to make your writing better for a specific genre.


WhiteSmoke is another leading proofreading software. It will check your writing style, grammar, and spelling. In addition to checking your writing, it also comes with a translator and a dictionary.

It will scan through every document, email, or text you sent to make sure you don’t embarrass yourself with any mistakes. There isn’t a free version that you can use, but you can also pay for a business or premium version. The paid version is about $4.16 per month for each user.

If you want to see if you like it, you can try out a free trial first.


Hemingway is different from this software because it isn’t meant to always catch your grammar mistakes or misspelled words. Instead, it’s used to analyze your writing.

Once you paste your writing into their free web version, it will tell you what grade level your writing is at. This can be helpful if you’re trying to write for a specific audience.

Hemmingway proofreading software screenshot

photo credit: Hemmingway

It will also tell you what sentences are difficult to read. It will highlight them for you too so that you can easily find them and fix them to make them easier to understand.

It will also tell you how many adverbs you are using. If you use too many, it may make your writing seem cheap or fluffy. It can also tell you how many passive voice verbs you have in there.

You can go through these and take them out to make your writing more forceful and active.

The only bad thing about this automated software is that there is no browser extension for this. You’ll always have to copy and paste your writing into the webpage. You’ll also need a grammar and speller checker to go with it.

But when these two are combined, you can have some very powerful writing.


Nuance is great if you’re looking for a software that works for PDFs. It will help business owners regulate the PDFs and make sure that they are grammatically perfect.

The grammar checker will scan through the PDF and let you know what the results of the scan are.

In addition to that, it will help to convert, build, and collect all kinds of PDFs. You can even have this connect to the cloud so that you make sure you never lose anything you created.


Lastly, GrammarBase is a great option as well. While this is automated, there is also another option where you can have experts manually proofread your content.

While automated is great, sometimes there are a few errors that the experts can catch. No matter what you send them, they’ll give you some feedback within three hours.

You can download the automated software as an extension on Chrome. This will operate like Grammarly and check your spelling and style. This is best used for creating emails, sending out status updates, Tweets, or comments. But a business professional can also use this for their professional documents as well.

Learn More About the Best Proofreading Software

These are only a few options for the best proofreading software, but there are many more options out there that you could choose from!

We know that it can be difficult to always spell correctly and catch all your grammar errors, but we’re here to help you out!

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