How Virtual Events Can Be of Great Value To Your Business

An estimated 34% of event planners say increased attendance is the most satisfying result of turning to virtual events, according to Event Manager Blog. Virtual events are increasingly becoming an integral part of marketing strategies in various businesses.

Virtual event for business

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This modern way of hosting conferences provides companies with effective solutions to communicate with a larger audience regardless of time and region. Moreover, online events increase conversion rates and maximize ROI because the expenses per lead are low. However, you should focus on making your business event a success to enjoy these perks.

Below is how virtual events can be of great value to your business, if you plan accordingly.

Boosts Attendance Rate

Compared to in-person events, virtual events register a higher attendance rate, and it’s easy to see why. Since virtual meetings and seminars are hosted online, attendees don’t need to travel, meaning they can attend from any location.

Ideally, hosting business events online eliminates geographical barriers. That way people from various locations can attend your conference from the comfort of their homes or offices. For instance, if you’re streaming your event from Texas and someone in the UK wants to attend, they can do so with ease via a virtual platform.

Creates Opportunities for Networking and Activities

For in-person conferences, attendees must be present at speaker sessions, partake in demonstrations, take polls, grab meals, and offer feedback within a span of a few hours. In most cases, attendees miss the opportunities to network with others. On the other hand, virtual events provide unlimited ways to interact, making peer-to-peer networking stress-free.

In a virtual event, attendees can interact with each other and even speakers via live chats. There are also tag-based interactions that allow individuals to connect with others based on common interests. Even more interesting, event organizers can incorporate fun virtual event ideas. For instance, you can plan for entertainment like comedy between sessions, have a virtual dinner party or gamification, organize a treasure hunt, and set up chat rooms for coffee talk.

Balance in Freedom and Structure

During an event, it is common to have multiple sessions overlapping each other. Typically, attending two panels at the same time is impossible. However, the virtual format solves this puzzle by allowing attendees to participate in one live session and then view recorded versions of other sessions later. Moreover, online events have condensed session lengths, enabling participants to attend more than one session.

Virtual events have become popular marketing tools because they offer great value compared to conventional meetings. Online conferences maximize your return on investment since the cost per lead is low. You also enjoy increased attendee growth and engagement and improved audience feedback.


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