Virtual Events that Could Help Drive Growth Within Your Business

Did you know that online virtual events have their roots back in the early 00s? While business juggernauts such as IBM and Cisco were, at the time, leading the way for virtual events, many smaller businesses were a little slow on the uptake and the importance of this revolutionary and immersive platform.

Virtual event

Fast forward to 2021, and virtual events are not only considered the norm, but a standard practice across a multitude of industries. Viewed as a valuable business tool that not only extends reach, but also engages with their audiences, helps to build communities, and develop trust, as well as amplifying growth acceleration.

The development of virtual event software means enterprises of all sizes can benefit from this priceless business resource. And since Covid-19 has left many businesses unable to bring together large numbers of customers or employees, virtual events have presented themselves as a lifeline for those businesses who have been left stranded by the pandemic.

Of course, some individuals claim that nothing can beat the experience of a physical business event, and while the atmosphere and lack of technical issues of a physical event cannot be denied, the multitude of virtual options available to businesses looking for growth acceleration simply can’t be ignored.

Let’s explore the different types of virtual events that could help drive growth for your business.

Virtual Training and Employee Workshops

All good businesses should consider training to be like a revolving door. There’s always something new to be discovered and ways employees can improve their performance whilst updating tired procedures. By providing virtual online training and workshop events, businesses can continue to make training a priority and invest in their staff.

Virtual Conferences

Whether you’re hoping to discuss company growth, expenditures or focus on R&R for employees, virtual conferences mean multiple individuals can come together and recognise the most important facets of your business.

Virtual Webinars

As well as hosting employee workshops, virtual webinars are the perfect way to focus on a specific topic and educate a larger audience on it. This isn’t just useful for employees, customers who may want information about a particular product or want to know more about your business can also benefit from a virtual webinar. These events can also be uploaded and shared and be viewed at a later date.

Virtual Trade Shows

Gathering dozens of tradespeople and businesses together to network, sell and launch their products isn’t easy in a post-covid world, however access to a virtual trade show means that businesses can get to grips with the latest trends, showcase their goods and services and all without leaving the office.

Final thoughts…

The benefits of hosting virtual events are well documented, and they show no signs of reducing in popularity, even as the world opens to businesses once again. If you’re considering hosting a virtual event, consider your options above and ensure that your event is interactive, fully branded and accessible.


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