Impressing Business Partners & Clients

The economy is competitive. With the restrictions, turmoil, and economic hold-back, companies of all kinds need to get back to work. So many different businesses need new business partners and a growing number of clients.

Meeting with business partners

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Whatever you’re involved in, every manager and owner needs to be on their toes to cultivate an environment to attract investors, skilled partners and employees, and happy clients. To do this, you’ll need to impress the people you want to do business with.

Here are some tips on how to satisfy everyone you’re involved with while getting the best deal for your company.

Take Them Out to Dinner

Treating your prospective business partners and clients to dinner is an established method to impress and entice them into doing business with you. One thing you should do is anticipate their desires and interests. What kind of person or people are they? What do they like? What kind of restaurant is the best option? Do they like to drink and go out?

Whatever it is that they are into, you can find the right thing to impress them and show that you are a great business partner and that your company can provide whatever they need as a client or investor. This is an initial step to get them involved. Go all out but be cautious of your spending. Striking the balance will show them that you have money to work with but are conscious of what you’re spending.

Buy Them a Gift

Sending gifts is another way to show your gratitude or attempt to get someone onboard. Of course the gift depends on the context—who the person is, what your relationship is like, and what they will get out of it—but who doesn’t like gifts?

Whether you go for something practical or something extravagant, you have the ability to send the message you want to send by purchasing and giving the right thing. Everyone is different, but if you find the right thing you just may be able to get what you want from them.

Make Meetings Memorable

When you are going to a meeting with a candidate for a partner or large client, do everything you can to make the meeting memorable. You always serve coffee at this type of business meeting, but what about trying something different? Make your tastes, patience, and observance of craft clear by brewing some pour over coffee. Even if a member of the group doesn’t like coffee, they will remember the meeting because you served fancy drip coffee.

Business meeting with a client

Show Them What You Can Do

After the initial impression, it’s important to show possible partners and clients that you know what you are doing. Whether they are investing or purchasing a product or service from your company, it’s always important to be transparent but confident. Identify problems and solutions to those problems.

When they visit your office, make sure it is clean, organized, and that everyone present is happy and productive. You want to show why your business stands out amongst the rest. Who are your competitors? Why are you better at your job than them? Once you have shown the prospective partners that you care, prove that you are special.

Prove Financial Gain

Whether you’re working with an investor, a creative partner, or a client, you want to show them—not tell them—how they will benefit. Be honest about what money they’re putting into the endeavor while clearly offering what they will get in return.

Don’t provide the best case scenario. Instead have the numbers in front of you and impress them with the worst case scenario. If they know that they will be getting their money back in the way of productivity, you will look so good when they make more than they thought. This will spread your reputation as a reputable business and manager.

In the modern economy, everyone needs to work with outside investors, partners, and large clients who will work with the business. You should do your best to impress them by exhibiting that you understand them, their goals, and how you can work together. When you couple this with creating memorable experiences and showing all that your business does better than competitors, everyone will want to work with you.


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