Cleaning Protocols Still Matter

Though the world is opening back up and we all start to feel safe in our new normal, businesses’ cleaning practices and protocols still matter to the consumer. And, with studies showing many employees would rather resign than return to the office after working from home the last year, cleaning protocols in the office still matter considerably too.

Cleaning protocols

Therefore, it’s vital as business managers and owners that we don’t start to slack in this department, so we keep not only an employee but client retention high.

High Touch Surface Protocols

During the height of the pandemic, it was almost miserable shopping in some grocery stores due to the wait lines as every conveyor belt, pin pad, and cart had to be wiped down between clients. While this may change a little bit as vaccinations roll out and cases drop, it’s still essential to keep everyone in the building comfortable.

Therefore, you should maintain your company standards for high-frequency cleaning of areas that are touched frequently. You can relax on some levels though, not after every client or employee but once an hour is a good example.

Ingredients Matter

Now that employees are setting foot back into offices and settling into their desks, you may get complaints or e-mails in regards to the ingredients used to clean and disinfect the office.

Studies have shown that there are many natural disinfectants that work just as well as their toxic counterparts. While you can’t please all people all the time, it’s worth taking a look into the ingredients of your disinfectant spray, your wipes, and other cleansers to see if there’s a greener option that everyone can feel comfortable with working around. Not to mention, it’s a morale booster for many, knowing that the company they work for is supporting environmental initiatives.

Public Perception

If your business deals with the public, their opinion matters – you already know that. But while masks are no longer mandatory in most states, and many people had grown weary of them long before the mandates ended, it’s crucial to still create an atmosphere of safety for those patronizing your establishment.

HR and management should train employees to create an atmosphere of health and cleanliness to keep everyone happy. While you may not enforce masks on your staff, they should still be encouraged.

If you have the hours and labor budget for it, consider adding a cleaning person to every shift. If consumers see someone actively keeping the establishment clean and up to state and federal guidelines, they will be impressed and more likely to return. They’ll also be inclined to pass this along to like-minded friends and family, which will ultimately drive more business for you.

Call in the Professionals

Depending on the size and scale of your company, or companies, you may have already brought on professional cleaning services. As business picks back up, which it is across the country, it may be within your budget to bring on a professional cleaning service. Though it’s still essential for customers to see the employees utilizing safety protocols, customer service is also more important now than ever.

For years, management has struggled with how to motivate and oversee millennial employees. One area they struggle in is client service areas like an engaging conversation with strangers and eye contact.

Suppose you have the budget to bring in professional cleaning services. In that case, your employees will have more time to either interact during client-facing or time to engage in customer service training. Either way, it is absolutely worth it to bring in the big guns, so to speak, when you can.

Basic Necessities

Lastly, it’s too soon to overlook the basic precautionary necessities that customers have come to experience during this last year. So, whether you have these implemented for an office full of employees or for a commercial business that interacts with the public, don’t neglect the following:

  1. Make sure there are still hand sanitizing stations available in multiple contacts of the building.
  2. Make sure you have appropriate signage regarding what you require to enter or utilize your facilities.
  3. Pay extra attention to common areas like break rooms and restrooms and that those rooms have the highest levels of cleanliness.

So as we return to this new normal, let’s not lose confidence in the ability to build our businesses back up from any losses we may have incurred over the last year. Cleaning is an easy way to boost employee morale and encourage client retention and client conversion for people visiting your establishment for the first time. And as always, make sure you are following the guidance of your federal, state and local government.


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