7 Ways to Earn Money While Earning Your Degree

There are countless ways for people to earn money – even when you’re in college. Here’s a look at a few of them. Remember, the only person stopping you from earning money is you.

Making money while in college

1. Be a Pooper Scooper

This can be done nearly anywhere. For example, say you live in California. If you’re going for an MBA, San Diego is an excellent place to do this. People abhor picking up after their dogs. Because of this, there are services all over that will do it for them. It would be simple to start one in your neighborhood.

2. Blog About It

If you decide to make a bit of money online, starting a blog is a great way. Blogging can be hugely profitable when done right. Just get a domain and a web hosting service (these can be really cheap), and start blogging. If you get enough attention, you can sell ad space on your blog and make money with it that way or any number of other ways.

3. Notarize It or Be a Loan Signing Agent

This is a great underutilized way for college students to earn a bit on the side. Becoming a Notary Public or a loan signing agent can earn you as much as $200 per hour while working for yourself and around your class schedule. The best part about this is that it’s incredibly easy. You just need a notary commission, and most of the time, this just entails filling out an application.

If you decide to become a loan signing agent, you get jobs by signing up on a database and you’ll get calls when there’s a job located in your area. Then, you just walk potential homeowners through the paperwork for their loans.

4. Virtual Assistant

Another easy way to earn money online is to offer your assistance. Lots of businesses and individuals hire virtual assistants for work such as research tasks, handling basic organization and writing, and responding to emails.

Hiring yourself out as a virtual assistant can earn you hundreds of dollars each week, depending on your hours and who you work for.

Renting out property

5. Rent a Room

This is for those who live off-campus. If you’re interested in investing in real estate, a great time to start is when you’re in college. Buy a house and then rent out the rooms to your schoolmates.

Say you buy a four-bedroom house. Live in one room and rent out the other three. The rent will cover the mortgage payments and expenses and you might even be able to pocket a bit of cash each month.

6. Market Research

Are you looking for a fun way for you to earn a bit of money? Typically, market research studies get plastered all over college campuses. The point of them is really rather simple – businesses want to hear college students’ opinions on their products and services. Many of these studies will reward you with either a gift card or cash.

7. Babysit Houses

If you know anyone who might be planning a vacation, offer to be their house sitter. Nobody wants anything untoward to happen to their home, be it a burglary or a busted pipe. House-sitting can avoid this and even be combined with pet sitting. It can be more lucrative than you might think too.

Making money isn’t difficult, no matter what you might think. The thing is, you have to keep both your mind and your eyes open for opportunities. Remember that there’s always someone or a business wanting to pay people just like you to do things for them, you just need to look.


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