The Science Of Video Marketing For Small Businesses

Statistics of recent years speak volumes about the active transition of both users and marketers to a separate type of content – video. Netizens give about 70% of their traffic to watching videos and other media.

Video production for marketing

Given this attractive figure, small businesses are also turning to video in the race for consumers’ attention. Today we’ll take a look at how video marketing is driving the exponential growth of projects, how it improves Google rankings, and how to professionally create and edit marketing videos for small businesses.

How does video marketing affect small business growth?

Along with influencer marketing, the transition from statics to dynamics is a new trend that every self-respecting company must follow. Using video marketing can lead to your brand appearing where static images simply don’t work.

Instructional content combined with commercial ads can transform small businesses into well-known juggernauts. It doesn’t matter if you explain how to use your development or offer life hacks to add value to your videos. Useful content makes your audience come back to you over and over again. Moreover, you can even monetize your videos sooner or later.

Video marketing production

Let’s take a closer look at why video marketing makes a company grow.

1. Video builds trust

Video messaging has the unique property of inspiring a sense of trust.

Video marketing is the best way to communicate to a customer that your company is alive, real, and present in this world. The viewer can see your employees, your product, your office with their own eyes. This will generate an emotional response and empathy.

Regularly creating high-quality videos on topics of interest to the audience will lead to the fact that you will begin to be perceived as an expert source of information in the chosen field.

2. Video marketing makes the audience active in social media

Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have more than a billion active users per month, which suggests that video content can cause a real resonance on social media, where everyone strives to leave a comment or reaction.

The perfect video for small businesses should have a goal, be appealing, and short enough to engage the viewer. This way you can create an interactive platform for communication with your audience. If you are finding difficulty with making a high quality video consider asking a short video content production agency for help or advice.

3. Video increases brand awareness

Attractive marketing videos encourage audiences to explore your content and, as a result, your brand.

Compared to blogs, articles, and photos, videos have the highest chances of gaining attention and captivating the viewer. And the reason for this is the presence of the entertainment component.

Moreover, if viewers love your video, they’ll likely send it to friends and family. This is how your brand will establish itself on the Internet and gain recognition among the audience.

4. Video content engages even lazy users

Today, people don’t have time to flip through long sponsored posts and purchased product/service reviews. It’s easier for them to watch a video that tells all the details about the product. That is why a business that uses video marketing in its promotion is successfully gaining the attention of customers from different segments.

5. Video is cost-effective

The cost of creating high-quality video content is, on average, higher than that of text or graphic content. This scares some marketers off. However, the production cost pays off in full.

90% of video marketers reported a high ROI on video marketing. For example, the online store The Beard Club earned over $10 million and gained over a hundred million views on YouTube and Facebook just by relying on video marketing.

How video content improves brand SEO ranking?

Video content in SERP

First of all, video content is far more likely to hit search results than any other type of content. This is because Google values unique content, which ranks high.

Therefore, websites with video content are 53 times more likely to appear on the top pages of Google search results compared to pages without it.

Moreover, videos increase the time visitors spend on your website. In most cases, marketers try to make it attractive enough for viewers to watch it to the end. The more time visitors spend watching video content, the longer they spend on your website as a whole.

This is how Google understands that your content is useful and automatically boosts your brand page in search.

How to create and edit videos for small businesses?

Video editing software

Of course, the best option for a business is to hire a professional to create quality videos. But often, projects work with a limited budget, so there is not enough money for top editors, screenwriters, or just a subscription to applications.

This is where free video editors come to the rescue: they offer a million templates, effects, and other features that are not inferior to Adobe Premiere.

How to make a marketing video?

  1. Think over the idea and scenario. In the preparatory phase, learn all the tips for how to shoot video like a professional.
  2. Rely on free video editing software: DaVinci Resolve 17, VSDC, or Movavi Video Editor. Choose the video format you want: different platforms require different video formats, so make sure you know where your content will be posted. Unleash your imagination: use templates, transitions, slow motion, and other effects to make your video dynamic.
  3. Add some text. Marketing videos should be followed by plain and easy-understandable subtitles. If you want to give a detailed explanation, add a voiceover.
  4. Add animation elements and music. This will make your video look even edgier. By the way, you can use some AI or ML programs to create awesome animated footage. According to Cisco stats, they are now taking the advantage of the digital transformation and dramatically affect businesses and user experience.
  5. Post a video and ask for feedback. The best way to know if your video is effective is to find out what friends, colleagues, clients think of it. The more information you get, the better you can adapt video messages and design.

Brief thoughts

In 2021, video marketing strategy has become not just one of the options for product promotion, but one of the top marketing techniques for small businesses as well as basic brand needs. Video is an unprecedented marketing tool that delivers the message with maximum retention. It can build trust and boost sales. And of course, the popularity of video content will only grow, so ignoring video content is a big risk for business.


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