7 Tried And Tested Ways To Boost Instagram Likes

If you’re looking for a little Instagram like boost, it may not be as difficult to achieve as you’re anticipating.

It can seem overwhelming to improve your Instagram profile in any way, especially when it comes to boosting the number of likes you receive on your Instagram posts. However, there are some simple strategies that you can implement into your Instagramming habits that’ll lead to higher like counts on your posts in no time.

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If you’re hoping to kick up the likes you get on Instagram, keep reading. We’ve compiled a list of seven tried-and-tested methods to achieve that Instagram like boost you’re trying to find!

Why Instagram Likes Are Important

It’s important to receive a high volume of likes on Instagram because this legitimizes your account…The more likes you receive, the more official you appear to other users of the app.

Getting a high amount of likes will also help you to be recognized by Instagram as a popular user, which can eventually lead you to be verified…but let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

The bottom line is that the likes you receive on a post are pretty self-explanatory – they demonstrate how many people liked what you published. So, the more people that take the time to like your content, the more popular you will become.

And, even more important than receiving a lot of likes, you should aim to receive likes from the majority of your followers. We’ll talk more about this later, but just keep in mind that you want your followers to be active and engaged with your content, namely, by liking it.

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7 Ways To Boost Instagram Likes

Now, for the part you came here for: the seven tips and tricks for achieving that Instagram like boost that we’ve been talking about.

Obviously, you want to increase the likes you receive on Instagram, and now we’ve talked about why this is a good idea…So, how can you actually do it? Let’s talk about it!

1. Optimize Your Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are a vital aspect of any social media platform because they’re the key social media ingredient that helps users connect with the posts that are best suited for them.

Instagram keeps track of the type of posts that each user engages with. Which hashtags commonly show up in the captions of the posts a certain user likes? Using this information, Instagram then shows recommended posts to the user. The recommended posts will typically include the same hashtags that Instagram found to be popular with the user in question.

This means that you want to be smart about which hashtags you include on your own posts. Make sure you use tags that are specific enough that they’ll help your posts to stand out, but not so specific that they’ll only be interesting to a handful of users.

In addition, you may want to include some hashtags that are trending at a given time. Certain hashtags will sometimes show up in the captions of all the most popular posts. You’ll want to keep an eye on these trending Instagram hashtags so that you can employ them in your own posts in order to achieve that Instagram like boost we’ve been talking about.

Also, when choosing hashtags for your posts, be sure to vary the ones you include in your captions. Using the same set of hashtags for every post will become stale and eventually not do anything to help you find new users that are interested in your content.

You should always be conscious of how many hashtags you include in a given post, as well. Not using enough hashtags won’t do very much to help you increase your popularity. At the same time, using way too many hashtags can appear spammy and have the opposite effect of an Instagram like boost.

The bottom line – be purposeful with which hashtags you choose to include in your Instagram posts; always keep them fresh and unique, and pay attention to how many you use.

2. Avoid Bot Or Fake Followers

This tip goes back to what we mentioned earlier about the ratio of followers you have to likes on your posts. If you have an extremely high number of followers, but a fairly low number of likes on your posts, it’s likely because of bot or fake followers on your account.

If you find that you’re attracting fake followers through quick Instagram growth tools for instant gratification, rather than real followers for Instagram, you’re going to limit the number of likes you receive and the level of engagement that you find on your posts.

Fake followers won’t interact with your account or content, and they can even end up hindering your ability to boost Instagram likes. A high volume of followers, paired with a pattern of low numbers of likes, is a fast way to tip off other Instagram users to the fact that you’ve purchased fake followers.

This also serves as a deterrent to potential real followers on the app, as it makes your account appear spammy and unprofessional…in other words, not an account that many users are interested in following.

If you’re truly looking for an Instagram like boost, just stick to attracting real followers on Instagram. If you go about your account growth organically, an increase in likes will follow. This process is one that requires patience, so you’ll need to put in the effort and give your account a little time to grow.

3. Up Your Caption Game

What you say in your captions often has a significant impact on the trends you see when it comes to the likes you’re receiving. In order to boost Instagram likes, make sure that you’re writing compelling and engaging captions that call your followers to action.

This could include asking a question and then requesting that followers write their answers in the comments – after leaving a like on the post, of course. You could also invite followers to take action that is unrelated to Instagram – signing a petition, doing something for the environment, celebrating national ice cream day…the list goes on – after leaving a like on the post, of course. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

Your call to action could also be linked to a competition that you’re hosting. You could run a contest and have a caption pointing users back to your account. In order to enter, users need to like that post.

Really, the options are endless when it comes to thinking of creative calls to action to get your followers to like your posts. But, remember that you don’t always need to outright ask them to like your posts.

You can also post an engaging caption that helps your followers to connect with you. This could be something funny and relatable or heartfelt and emotional…either way, people will likely feel inclined to like your post if they read something in your caption that really speaks to them in one way or another.

So, don’t forget to be yourself when it comes to writing captions on Instagram! Honesty often leads to an Instagram like boost. And, of course, calling your followers to like your post for one reason or another can often have the same effect.

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4. Tag Your Location And Relevant Users

Tagging both your location and prominent users in your niche can be beneficial to you when it comes to increasing the amount of likes that you receive.

Including your location in your posts can help followers to connect with you. You can even create your own. It’s just a small detail, but it helps you to get a little more personal with your followers. This will help them to feel more connected to your Instagram account, which will incline them to like your posts.

Additionally, including your location will help you to get in touch with other Instagram users who are located in the same or similar areas. Similar to the function of hashtags, location tags can help you to build up your online community with Instagram users from your physical community.

When it comes to tagging relevant users, it never hurts to aim high. Tagging prominent members of your industry or Instagram niche may eventually help you to be noticed by some of these relevant users. This can lead to connections and collaborations that would, of course, be extremely helpful for boosting your Instagram likes, as well as the rest of your Instagram profile.

Additionally, tagging users who are well-known in your industry will establish you as knowledgeable and respectable in that industry as well. By doing this, you are demonstrating that you know who you should be reaching out to in the field. Other members of your niche will notice this and be more inclined to follow you, like your posts, engage with you, and maybe even work with you.

Just be mindful about your tags – from locations to users, the tags that you include on your posts can help you to get far in the online world. And, of course, this can lead to an Instagram like boost.

5. Post During The Best Times

Believe it or not, the time of day and day of the week during which you post on Instagram will have an impact on the number of likes you receive on your posts. So, you should be very intentional when planning out your posting schedule.

The optimal posting times vary for each account, so you’ll need to figure out what is best for you as a user. You can track the most and least successful posting times for your account using the analytics feature available on Instagram.

To find these statistics, you can navigate to the analytics tab that can be accessed through your Instagram profile. A variety of analytics will be made available to you, including which of your posts are most and least popular (this can help you to determine what types of posts you should focus on publishing).

One of the most helpful analytics, however, is the information that Instagram provides regarding when, during each day of the week, your account is most popular. This is based on how active your followers are and how much engagement your account receives during the time of each day.

You can use this information to create a posting schedule in which you publish your posts during the most popular times of the day and days of the week. Determining the ideal schedule will be a process of trial and error at first. You’ll need to post at some experimental times and track the success rate of each post, in order to fully determine the best posting times for your specific account.

6. Post High-Quality Content

This part may seem obvious, but it’s an important detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. The better your content strategy, the more likely your followers will be to give it a like!

There are lots of different ways that you can improve the content you post, and you can, once again, determine the best strategy for your own account. Some options that you can try out, though, are using photo editing tools or shooting photos with creative backgrounds and angles.

No matter what strategy you use, you’ll want to make sure that your posts stand out among users’ Instagram feeds so that your followers stop in their scroll to see what you have to say.

If users are impressed by the graphics that are included in your Instagram post, you can probably guess what’s going to happen…yet another Instagram like boost!

As we said, this step may seem a little obvious, but the more you think about it, you’ll start to come up with a wide variety of ways that you can improve the quality of your content. You don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes to your content in order to increase the likes you receive.

Just start by making small changes, and then go from there. This could be editing your photos so that they fit an aesthetically pleasing theme, or it could be trying out new camera angles. It could even be something along the lines of adding words to your photos in a fun font or color.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to improving the quality of your posts. So figure out what techniques you like and which ones your followers like, and watch your like counts soar!

7. Promote The Post On Your Story

This is a slightly different angle that lots of popular Instagram users employ, so it would definitely be worth trying out. You may notice that you get more views on your story than you typically get likes for a post. Use this to your advantage!

It’s not out of the ordinary to receive more story views than likes on your posts, so don’t let this discourage you. Instead, use the popularity of your story to increase the popularity of your posts. You can feature your own posts on your Instagram story, calling followers to check out what you recently published on your own feed.

Each creator does this a little differently. Some like to simply feature their posts on their stories, telling users to go check them out. Others prefer to highlight the post on their story but cover it with some sort of a sticker or graphic.

This alerts followers that you’ve posted something new, but it keeps the post as a mystery. Followers will then be curious and likely to click on the post just to see what it could be…Follower curiosity is your best friend. Always keep them guessing and guide them to your posts. Then say hello to the Instagram like boost that you receive!

Your story is just as important as the stream of posts that you publish on your page. Make sure you use them both to work together in improving your account…this certainly includes increasing the number of likes that you receive.

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Getting Started

Now we’ve let you in on our seven best secrets to achieving an Instagram like boost. Don’t let them go to waste…Get started on boosting your Instagram game today!

And, remember, you don’t have to give your Instagram page a total makeover overnight. In fact, it’s a good idea to implement these changes gradually over time. This will help you to see which changes help you the most and which ones are less helpful to your specific account.

As you determine the best like-boosting techniques for your individual account, you can develop a plan to optimize your posts and maximize Instagram likes for your page. Eventually, your Instagram account will be at the top of its game.

Once that happens, come back and let us know – tell us which tips are most helpful to you and how much improvement you’ve seen in your account!


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