Things a Video Production Company Should Have

According to Cisco, 82% of traffic on the internet will be due to videos in 2022- 15 times higher than in 2017. Further, another survey by Cisco states that a million minutes of videos are crossed over the internet every second. These statistics highlight why video marketing is gaining traction more than ever before. The adoption of video marketing by businesses of varying sizes in their digital strategy has created a demand for corporate video production companies.

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Hiring a video production company can revitalize your digital marketing efforts to brew new advertisements or titivate existing videos. Before you are tempted to sign up for the very next local video production company that comes up in your Google searches- let us delve into some important parameters that require consideration and will assist you in making a conclusive decision regarding the same. You would want to hire a company that is:


While searching for a video production company- carry out thorough research to ensure that the company is credible. You would not want to incur a sizable amount on a service provider who cannot fetch you the desired results. One of the ways to do this is to look through their portfolio and check their clientele.

Portfolios give you a fair understanding of the company’s videography style, quality, and degree of professionalism. It might also give you an insight into the niche in which the company specializes.

Secondly, a good clientele with testimonials helps you zero in on a company to avail their services more confidently because others approve of their work.


Reliability in terms of quick turnaround time, work ethics and quality, are essential when outsourcing video production services. A company that is incapable of meeting deadlines and delivers substandard work is not worth the investment. The ROI is either poor or negative. Hence, when having a company on board, ensure that they adhere to deadlines and other qualitative requirements stringently.

Look for testimonials of past clients, have a one-on-one and detailed discussion, and state your expectations clearly at the outset. If the company meets the logistical requirement, aligns with your vision and style, and ticks all the boxes off your checklist, you can rely on the company and have them on board.


While you may be tempted to think that making a video is a cakewalk these days because of easy access to online resources, the reality is quite different. Video production entails more than just getting together a few actors, a script, and high-end equipment. Video production companies possess expertise in light and sound design, directing, editing, and much more.

The years of experience a company has does not directly affect the quality of deliverables, but it surely tells you that something has kept them in the industry that long. A novice production company can give you creative inputs and probably provide you with better services than an experienced one. But seasoned companies are adept with industry standards and performance and are a good choice when you do not have an appetite for risk and experimentation.

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One of the foremost considerations in marketing is the affordability of the strategy. Video marketing is undoubtedly a game-changer in digital marketing. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that unless you put your best foot forward, it will not yield the results you desired to achieve in the first place.

It is also important to apportion a budget to hire a video production company that can do a decent job given the finances. Make sure to neither underestimate the expenses nor overestimate them on the one hand, where underspending might cause you to lose out on prospective customers due to poor marketing efforts. On the other hand, overspending will bring down the ROI.


Nearly all businesses have incorporated videos in their digital marketing strategy. It brings us to the conclusion that video marketing has evolved into a competitive space. With numerous companies adopting this strategy in full swing, it has become increasingly important to devise ways your brand voice cuts through the noise. To position yourself in front of your target audience, having a compelling and creative video is of utmost importance.

Creativity and originality are important in capturing your audience’s attention and convert them to skyrocket your sales. A well-strategized creative offers better engagement and conversions. It allows you to build a more loyal and long-term following.

The Endnote

With video marketing emerging as a popular strategy across businesses – its effectiveness and importance as a digital strategy cannot be taken with a grain of salt. A report by HubSpot goes on to validate this stance. The report stated that 94% of people watch an explainer video to understand a brand or product better. Out of this percentage, 84% of them are driven to effect a purchase.

These statistics reinstate the reason behind the immense popularity and consequent adoption of video marketing. To stand out from a bazillion other brands and businesses, hiring a professional video production company is not only a safe investment but also ideal.


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