Automotive Technology That’s Making Waves in the Industry

Automotive technology has come a long way. Not only have changes improved driver safety, it’s creating better driving experiences, and so much more.

Tesla dashboard

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The vehicle industry has evolved from simply getting you from here to there, to making the drive more comfortable, more enjoyable, and simpler than ever before. From robust navigation features to autonomous driving, these vehicles are making waves in the industry. They’ve increased independence for people who need it with cars that go on their own. This technology is changing the way that the automotive industry does business and how people look at car options.

Here are some of the top technologies that people love.

Improved Engine Performance

You don’t need to get a new car to get better engine performance. With ECU tuning you can turn your factory settings into something so much more. Improved engine performance means you get better life out of your vehicle, better driving, and even improved fuel efficiency in some cases.

Technology means that engines run cleaner than they did in the past and that’s good for your wallet and the environment.

Hybrid Vehicles

Speaking of the environment, there are more engine options that leverage hybrid technology. Whether it’s hybrid electric, hybrid flex fuel, or battery powered, these vehicles are making waves. When these technologies first came on the scene, they were only available in small cars and sedans.

Because of the advancements in technology, hybrid technology is now found in SUV’s, crossovers, and sports cars. You’ll find eco-friendly options in almost every kind of vehicle.


The Internet of things is making life easier at home, so why not extend those amenities to your vehicle? With refrigerators that can order food for you when you run out, it was only a matter of time before you could use this technology for an automobile. Now your car can schedule maintenance appointments for you and tell your phone when your car needs work.

There are many applications for IoT technology in automobiles.

Automatic Braking

Part of the same technology that self-driving cars use, automatic braking can protect you on the road. Sometimes it takes seconds too long to stop, but with automatic braking, your car will sense that there is something there before your eyes and brain can register it. These split-second decisions can save you from crashes and protect your car and the people in it.

Along with automatic braking often comes advanced cruise control options unlike anything seen in consumer cars.

Head Up Display

Luxury cars have offered head up displays for years. Now, these same displays can be added to any vehicle with a smartphone and a device that costs less that $300. This modification can mount to your dashboard and show you navigation, phone notifications, and your speed all in one spot. Some displays even show you weather and fuel level.

Because it’s located on your dash where your eyes should stay on the road, these displays improve driver safety. They are designed to be easy to view at a glance without ever looking down. This means that drivers keep their eyes on the road instead of on their devices.

Augmented Reality Shopping

Shopping for a car online can be simplified using AR technology. While just looking at pictures can give you a good idea of the car you want to buy, AR technology can help you customize the car and gives you more details about how the car will actually look with those modifications. It can change interior colors, add upgrades, show the exterior with the upgrades and so much more.

It becomes a much more immersive experience than simply looking at images of the car you want online. And because of this, it’s improving customer satisfaction because people get the cars they really want.

Blind Spot Cameras

Do you worry you’ll run into something when you’re changing lanes? Blind spot cameras and sensors help notify you if there’s something there that you can’t see. It can keep you safe when other drivers are swerving on the roads especially when combined with other autonomous technology. This can also help when you’re backing into parking spots, driving through parking lots, and driving down your road.

This technology gives you a 360 degree view outside your car to provide a better driving experience and increased safety ratings.


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