Five Tips for Small Businesses to Sell on Amazon

Are you running a small business? Do you have an online store that isn’t bringing you enough revenue? If you want to start selling on platforms like Amazon, there are clear steps for getting started. Whether you’re selling clothes, technology, or something else, you can sell internationally on Amazon, but you need to know what you are doing.

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Businesses can use platforms to bolster their revenue and promote their brand in a fba small and light program. Below are five tips for small businesses to sell on Amazon.

Decide What Are You Selling

The first thing you need to do is decide what you will sell on Amazon. You might not want to sell your entire inventory on the platform because the size of the product matters. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) takes into account the dimensions and weight for how much it costs you to sell it on their website. While it is difficult to determine, there is an additional 15 percent commission fee.

The most lucrative products to sell on Amazon are small items with midrange prices. Whatever you are selling, you should take into account what Amazon will charge you to sell that item.

Sign Up as a Seller

Then, once you have an idea what your Amazon store will include you can sign up as Amazon as a seller. Do you plan on selling outside the United States? If so, you will likely need to make separate accounts for selling in different countries. When you know what countries you want to sign up for, you can input your business name and create a separate account.

Fill in the billing information. It will require details like a credit card number for charging monthly fees. After you have signed up for your accounts, you will be ready to find your price point and start selling.

Find a Competitive Price Point

Amazon is a competitive marketplace with all kinds of small businesses selling on the platform. They have sellers from around the world providing items for a small price. You should find the right price to attract customers who will buy the product for a good profit.

Take a look at your competition. If you see how much they are charging, you may be able to set your price a little lower and receive more sales. While it depends on what will be profitable for your business and your products, competing with other sellers is necessary. Finally, you can use other tools to provide estimates on a variety of factors, including Amazon’s fees and postage rates.

Start Selling

With all of this in place, you will begin to start selling. Open up your marketplace and see what starts selling, how fast, and where. All of this information will help you in other ways. The goal should always be to expand your own webstore.

The data you receive from selling on Amazon can be applied to your own website. You can prepare for everything, but you really won’t know how to move forward until you start selling on Amazon.


When you make your first sales, you will begin shipping. Of course eCommerce shipping should be as cheap as possible to increase your profit. Amazon has mastered shipping prices, providing affordable shipping for millions of people. Domestic shipping is a lot simpler, but what about international shipping?

You should be aware of any international shipping costs to the countries you plan on selling in. There are customs issues. Typically, international sales will be shipped with Amazon FBA air freight. While commercial air shipping is fast, the price will vary depending on the size of the item. Whatever you are selling and however far it’s going, staying aware of the costs will help you navigate it all.

Running a small business is difficult, but exciting. If you want to expand your sales reach and make more money, Amazon can be a lucrative way to do so. While they will still charge fees and shipping varies, it can help you get started. The goal should be to bring more business to your own website and store because you will make a lot more money using your own platform.

So when you’re running a small business and want to grow your company, selling on Amazon can help.


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