Public Property Information Check: An Elementary Way to Learn Everything You Need

Are you thinking about buying a property? Then one of the most important things to do is run a property owner search! I’m sure you already know why.

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How To Carryout a Public Property Information Check

There are many ways and tools which people can use to do a public property information check. Some of these include;

Public Records

Public records usually give people information about properties, the ownership history of the property, well the features and specifications of the property, etc. These are government documents that are not considered confidential because they can be accessed by anyone.

Online mapping

This is also known as web mapping. This tool uses a GIS system on mobile devices to locate places and geographical locations. People can also use online maps to find landmarks, locate addresses, and find phone numbers of residents or owners.

Property maps

Property maps are tools that can be used to identify property locations and boundaries that are accessible for people to look for properties. You can look up properties by address or parcel ID.

Assessor database

This is a government document that provides data about properties for taxation purposes. In most cases, only government officials have access to the assessor database for the purposes of assessing the property in question.

Property tax estimator

This is an online tool that calculates and provides an estimate of property taxes. This enables people to know how much tax they will have to pay if they purchase a particular property.

Property tax levy certificate

This tool calculates and provides an estimate of the tax liability of a property, especially residential. When you want to purchase a building, it is advisable to get a tax levy certificate on that that is undergoing transfer to help you ensure that there is no lingering tax debt.

Document manager

The document manager is usually used to keep information about properties in documents. This tool organizes all the information, thus making the process of retrieving them less stressful. This tool helps you gain access to important information such as tax debts, ownership history, legal issues, etc, to help you make the right choices and avoid problems.

Why Do You Need To Run a Property Owner Search

You might be wondering why you have to find property information. There are many reasons why you should use the tools mentioned above;

Gain Detailed Information about a Property

Running a property search allows you to gain information about a property mostly through public records and documents. It also gives you access to detailed information such as liens, legal information, taxation, renovation history, etc.

It helps you to find out who owns the property before having any personal transaction with him or her. This will help you to uncover any fraud and discrepancies concerning the ownership.

Finally, public property information check helps you to find out if there are any potential threats to the transaction concerning the property, such as a lien, bankruptcy, etc.

Avoid Fraud and Taxation Debts

The information you get helps to avoid ownership fraud and inheritance of taxation debts. The tools mentioned above do not only give you information but also do so within the shortest possible time from your comfort zone. This helps you to save time and energy.

Accurate and Organized Information

Another advantage of using the property lookup tools is the fact that the information you will get is most likely accurate and organized.

There are different sites that have the tools you can use to check up properties. They could be public government sites or private sites like Radaris. If you are using a private company like Radaris, all you need to do is visit the site, type in the address, and use the results.


Before, people had to visit different locations to do a real estate lookup and property owner search. Some people still check up properties by going to the location, but since the emergence of the online tools mentioned above, this method is gradually going extinct.

People prefer these tools because they are safe, affordable, and more accurate. Also, they mostly have filters that allow people to streamline their search to the exact location and other specifications that they need.


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