9 Techniques to Write a Personalized Cold Email

Do you want to learn how to write a cold email that gets results?

Cold emailing is a tried and true strategy for making sales. There are many different types of cold emails, but one way to make your cold email more effective is by personalizing it.

Personalized cold email

Personalizing your cold emails can make a difference between getting an appointment and not. It shows the prospect that they are important enough for you to take time out of your day and send them something personalized instead of sending a template as everyone else does.

In this blog post, we will discuss what cold email personalization means and how to write a personalized cold email that gets the best results!

What is Cold Email Personalization?

Personalizing a cold email is when you take the time to customize your email message to fit the prospect’s individual needs. This means that you are not sending them a generic email with a templated message. Instead, you are taking the time to find out more about them and how you can help them specifically.

It’s all about producing totally unique text that conveys the impression that you’ve researched them well and care about piquing their interest.

9 Ways to Personalize Your Cold Emails

Cold email personalization is an art that takes practice.

Here are nine ways how you can write personalized emails for today’s modern marketer:

1. Use the prospect’s name (more than once)

You’ll be surprised how many people forget to do this, but it’s one of the most basic and effective ways to personalize a cold email. Start your email with their name, use it in the subject line, and mention it again later in the email.

Do you have any idea why this approach works the majority of the time?

It’s because people are more likely to open an email that has their name in it.

If a sales email subject line contains your name, this creates a psychological hook that draws readers in and you will naturally open it to discover what it says.

Tip: If you don’t have the prospect’s name, try finding it by searching the company’s website, LinkedIn or Twitter. Sometimes a quick Google search will turn up the name of the right person to reach out to.

2. Mention how you found them

Another way to personalize your cold email is to mention how you found them.

This could be as simple as saying,

  • “I was looking through your company website and saw that you’re doing some great work in [industry].”
  • I read your article on how to [topic] and I totally agreed with you.

All of these are great ways to start off your email and show the recipient that you took the time to do some research on them to learn about their business.

3. Use a mutual connection to personalize

If you can find a mutual connection, be sure to mention that in your email as well.

This will help build trust and show that you’re not just randomly contacting them out of the blue.

This also helps break the ice and makes it feel more like a conversation than an email exchange.

Here’s an example:

  • I saw that you’re connected to my friend [mention mutual connection].

It’s good to keep in mind how the relationship developed and how you connected with this person so that your introduction is accurate and helpful for them to picture how you know each other.

4. Personalizing around the Buyer Personas

If you don’t have any mutual connections, another way to personalize is by using buyer personas.

Buyer personas

Before you contact someone, make sure you know who they are. That is where buyer personas come in.

What is a buyer persona?

A buyer persona is a fictional representation of your ideal customer. It’s based on real data you’ve collected about your customers, but it’s also shaped by market research and educated guesses.

When creating a buyer persona, include demographic information like age, sex, location, and income level; as well as their interests, motivations, and challenges.


If you are looking to get in touch with executives who work for large companies that have an annual budget of over $20 million dollars then how can you personalize your email?

You could start by mentioning how many employees are working at their organization or how much money they spend each year on their IT department.

Then you leverage throughout it when describing how your product solves a problem or fills a need or brings value to their organization.

 5. Using a compliment to personalize

Another great way to personalize your cold email is by using a compliment.

This could be something about their company website, how they dress, or the work they’ve done in the past. However, it’s important that you make sure the compliment is genuine and not just cheesy flattery.

Here’s an example of a compliment you can include.

  • I came across your website and I have to say, it’s really impressive! You guys have done a great job with the design and the content.
  • It seems like you’re doing a lot of good work in the industry, and I wanted to congratulate you on how well you’ve carried it out.

A short and sweet genuine compliment will hopefully open up a discussion and may perhaps lead to further conversations.

6. Highlight Technologies They Use

Another way to personalize your email is by highlighting the technologies that your prospect is already using. This will show them that you’re familiar with their business and how you can help them improve their technology stack.

You can do this by mentioning the specific software or platforms they’re using in your email, or even better, how your product integrates with that technology and how it can benefit them.

If they’re not currently using any of the technologies you mention, this is a great time to let them know how you’ve helped companies like theirs increase their productivity by working within their existing platform.

7. Use relevant visual representation to personalize

Including a relevant visual representation, such as an image or a short video, is an excellent method to personalize emails.

Visual representations are frequently noticed and capture the attention of the audience right away.

Your product becomes simpler to understand for the consumers when you include an image rather than just a text description.

8. Personalize around Prospects’ Interests

One of the most effective ways to personalize your cold email is by taking into account what the prospect is interested in.

But then how do you figure out what the prospect is interested in?

You can do this by reading their website, blog posts or social media accounts. This will help you get a sense of their interests and how you can align your pitch with that.

For example, if you know that a prospect is interested in a certain technology, you can use that in your cold email outreach for your advantage and talk about how your product or service integrates with that technology and how it can benefit them.

9. Using highly-specific pain points to personalize

Pain points are the problems your prospects have that make them seek a solution. By expressing how you can help with their pain point, it will also express how seriously you care about their business.

To show that you’ve been paying attention to the prospect and their business, explain why you decided to contact them, highlighting their company size, goals, role of the prospect, recent developments in the firm, and so on.

Tell them what you can do for them and how your product will address their current issues. Back up your claims with case studies, social proof, and other data.

Do not focus on the product’s features, instead, emphasize to them the advantage that they will get from using your product.


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