7 Possible Reasons Your Law Firm Isn’t Obtaining New Clients

Starting your own small law business doesn’t guarantee that people will be lining up to become clients. You might provide excellent legal services, but you may have failed to take all necessary steps to make yourself as visible as possible.

Obtaining law firm clients

If dwindling clientele is a problem you’re currently facing, these might be some of the reasons why:

You Don’t Have a Website

In a small town with very few legal services on offer, you may not see the need for a website. However, websites developed by performance-focused attorney website design agencies can be required when you’re competing against several other experienced law firms in your area.

Having no website may be why people in your local area aren’t aware of who you are, what you can offer, and how you’re best suited for their needs.

Your Website Isn’t Detailed Enough

Many law firms turn to high-end attorney website design agencies to assist with their websites when their basic design isn’t helping them lure in new clients. If people in need of legal assistance can’t learn about what you do, who you are, and what your services entail on your website, they may be more likely to choose a business that has made this information readily available.

By budgeting website design into your business plan early on, you may be able to start your new legal business off on the right foot. From day one, people can learn more about you online before deciding to contact you and become your client.

Contact Information Is Lacking

Even if you have a website with plenty of information about who you are and what you do, you might be missing one vital element – contact information. When you include as much information as possible about how people can contact you, you may discover that people are more likely to do just that.

A phone number is an excellent start, but you can provide much more. A live chat function on your website, an email address, a physical address, and social media direct chat may all be contact options you consider offering for customer convenience.

Your Website Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

When you spend your working week in front of a computer, it’s easy to forget that not everyone does the same thing. Many people access the internet and visit websites on their mobile devices, which means you need to cater to both mobile and desktop computer users to suit all potential clients.

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and proves too challenging to navigate, people may decide to visit the website of a lawyer that has already prioritized this crucial feature.

You’re Not Known In Your Community

While your local community may require legal services from time to time, that doesn’t mean they know to rely on you. You may not be well-known in your local area, and your name may not come to mind when people need help.

Fortunately, there are simple solutions for that. Alongside focusing on your digital presence, you can also prioritize your physical presence. Attend local events, get to know the community in which you live, and even consider sponsoring events and charities that allow people to learn your law firm’s name.

Open for business

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You Haven’t Prioritized Marketing

It’s easy to assume that marketing in the legal field isn’t necessary because people in legal trouble have no choice but to ask for help. However, you’re not the only law firm offering your services.

Marketing through search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising may be how you make your law firm stand out and be on even ground with your competition. You may also like to consider social media advertising, flyer drops, and even newspaper advertisements to get your name out to the general public.

If you aren’t sure how marketing works, there are plenty of well-established businesses in the online space that can provide assistance with everything from marketing to website creation and everything in between.

You’re Not Encouraging Reviews

Online reviews are now more critical than ever before. They may help you become noticed, improve search engine rankings, and even lead to more clients. Therefore, if you haven’t yet asked your past clients to review your services, now might be the right time to do so.

You may be pleased to know that it’s a straightforward process. You can simply provide your clients with a short URL link that directs them to your Google My Business account. They can then rate your business out of five stars and leave a brief comment.

Every law firm has the potential to succeed, but your actions can ultimately play a part in the outcome. If you resonate with any of these points above, you may see the value in making some changes for the benefit of your business’s future.


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