Top 5 Video Game Developers of All time

Gaming Industry has been bustling with hundred of incredible game developers but here are the top 5 when it comes to the best of the best.

Legend of Zelda

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Millions of video game developers have risen to the top, and then came crashing back down to the floor and the gaming industry has evolved to an extent where we see fresh and unique games being released every day which has made the competition tougher to a whole new level. Developers are going berserk with all kinds of weird and fun ideas and transforming them into video games coming.

There are a great many developers out there who are making it big these days but here are our top 5 picks from the business.

Epic Games


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Epic Games is an American video game developer and the studio behind the battle royale phenomenon called Fortnite. Bases in Cary, North Carolina the company was founded originally as Potomac Computer Systems by Tim Sweeney in 1991 with the birthplace being Tim’s parents’ house in Potomac, Maryland.

Epic games have risen as one of the best game developers of all time and two of their most popular successes to date are Fortnite, which doesn’t need any introduction at all and the other one is Rocket League, the most popular combo of soccer with cars. With games like these the company is racking up millions of dollars each year and their gross revenue is estimated to be more than 4 Billion dollars!


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

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Microsoft is an American multinational technology corporation that produces Computer Software and its Gaming department has been nailing the job with over $11.6 billion revenue coming from games alone. The most famous titles that came from Microsoft are the Age of Empires franchise which revolutionized the Strategy genre of video games, and games like the Forza franchise, Minecraft, Halo franchise, and many more.

Of course, you can’t really forget about the sensational Flight Simulator that was estimated to be one of the most expensive gaming projects of all time. Microsoft is definitely a king when it comes to technology and we obviously can’t forget about the brand new Xbox consoles that have been ruling the 4K game with its latest technology. However, now you can buy a variety of cheap game deals on these titles.


Pokemon Unite

Based in Kyoto, Japan. Nintendo is a multinational Japanese video game company that also produces the famous Nintendo consoles along with video games. Nintendo has given the industry its infamous gems like the Legend of Zelda franchise, Pokémon, and many others that are loved by millions out in the world. The company’s revenue grosses up to $12.1 billion.

The Pokemon franchise has been out and around for as long as I can remember with a lot of great titles under its name, racking up millions and millions of players from each and every generation. Some of us literally weren’t even born when the Pokemon franchise was released and it’s still going strong with a bright future ahead of it.


Sona Buvelle of League of Legends

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The Chinese video game company owns a few of the most famous multiplayer games like League of Legends, PUBG, Honor of Kings, and Ring of Elysium. Founded in 1998, Tencent has come a long way in managing to beat some big names in the industry, with a revenue of about $13.9 billion, Tencent is the second most successful video game developer in the gaming business.

Although Tencent wasn’t a popular name before the titles such as PUBG and LOL, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call it one of THE MOST successful game developers of the modern age. Literally, every other title that gets released under the umbrella of Tencent booms in the world with a huge player base. And I can only imagine how much more would gamers would this company reach by with LOL for mobile.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

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Sony has managed to stay on the top of the list for quite a while now and with the release of Ps5, the Japanese tech giant busted all charts and went on to become the most successful video game developer in 2021. Sony not only produces consoles but also makes exclusive games for them which are always a treat to play, with the staggering revenue of 25 million coming solely from the games sector.

The reason why I think Sony still manages to stay ahead of its competition is by releasing titles that are exclusive to their own gaming consoles line. There’s no doubt that many of these titles are literally the best of the best and you just can’t resist buying these games.

The Gaming Market has easily surpassed most of the other entertainment industries for the very right reasons. Some of the credits for this incredible boom definitely go to the Pandemic, which brought in a ton of people into the market.


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