5 Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Mobile App for Business

There are several ways to increase conversions on your mobile app for business. By optimizing your conversion rates, businesses can increase the percentage of users that convert into paying customers along the buyer’s journey.

Mobile app for business

Typically, these steps are key parts of the sales funnel and start when the user installs the application. Then, businesses can pick up conversions when the user opens the app, views the purchase interface, or subscribes to your email list.

As a marketing professional, you need to know effective strategies to increase conversions. This way, you can use your application to get traffic and sales for your growing organization.

Read on to discover the most effective ways to increase conversions on your mobile app business.

1. Optimize For App Store Searches

First, you should optimize for app store searches to increase your mobile app conversions. To optimize your application, you can use creative, appropriate keywords in the title. In addition, you should include keywords in your publisher’s name, screenshots, and description as well. To select your keywords, think about the main purpose of your application.

Research what your target audience is searching. Of course, you should also pay attention to the number of words and density your platform recommends. Additionally, create appealing icons, screen shots, and video presentations to present your app. This can allow more users to find your application in the store. Then, you can increase your downloads.

Always optimize for app store searches to boost your mobile app conversions.

2. Improve Your Development Pipeline

Next, you should improve your development pipeline to increase your mobile app conversion rate. For example, you can install a JFrog kubernetes registry to gain full insight and control over your code-to-cluster process. Once installed, you can use this platform to host your local Docker images. Then, you can leverage fine-grained access control to securely share packages and images across your organization.

Notably, containerization software can also increase your application’s scalability. You can maintain a smooth experience for your users as your traffic increases. Plus, you can reduce downtime, as you prevent your app from crashing due to high traffic.

Improve your development pipeline to increase conversions on your mobile app.

3. Conduct Split Testing

In addition, you can also conduct split testing to increase your mobile app conversions. For example, you might want determine which call to action on your launch page results in people going to the next step in your funnel.

To determine which options is more effective, you can set up two different variations of your button. Here, example “A” might have a button that says “Learn More.” On the other hand, version “B” might say “See How.” In a split test, both variations of the button run at the same time to set percentage of your users. Then, you can watch over time to see which variation generates more clicks in your app.

Once you determine which is more effective, you can set this for your launch page.

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4. Send Strategic Push Alerts

Moreover, send strategic news push alerts to your users to increase your mobile app conversions. Once a user downloads and opens your app, display a pop-up asking them to subscribe to push notifications.

Ideally, you should include a few lines of copy to explain what they get from subscribing. For example, the notifications might highlight new content or when sales go live. Then, you can send notifications to keep customers interacting with your business. In addition, you can segment your audience and send users specific alerts based on their interests.

If a user adds an item to their shopping cart but closes the app before completing the order, you can send them a push notification reminder.

5. Use In-App Stories

Furthermore, use in-app stories to increase conversions from your mobile application. Importantly, in-app stories are elements you can use to deliver engaging content to your users. Typically, these promote products or services that users can see within the app. For example, you might include images, polls, or GIFs to keep your users immersed.

In addition, allow your in-app users to share content as well. This way, they can share sales, deals, and new products for your business. According to recent data, viewing stories is among the top activities on social apps as well.

By leveraging this strategy for your ecommerce app or store, you can boost engagement.

To Recap…

There are several ways to increase conversions on your mobile app business. First, optimize for app store searches so users can discover your app. Next, improve your development pipeline with scalable tools such as a container registry. In addition, conduct split testing to find the most effective launch page. Moreover, send strategic push alerts to keep your users interacting with your brand. Furthermore, use in-app stories to boost engagement.

Consider these points to learn about the most effective ways to increase conversions on your mobile app business.


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