How Can I Write an Essay About The Hope?

As a student, you will get numerous essay assignments with different topics. One interesting topic your tutor might assign is hope.

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Hope is a creative topic that falls in the persuasive style of writing. You can derive many angles from hope since it has diverse dimensions. Whatever perspective you choose, you must convince your readers to agree with your opinion about hope. Since this assignment requires proper planning, you can get assignment writing help from certified writers online.

Most learners compose such assignments differently. That is why you can find different angles from the same topic. If you doubt your writing skills, you can hire a certified author from GradeMiners to help you with your assignment.

Let us explore how you can write an essay about hope. We shall break down the steps into manageable writing phases to help you understand the entire writing process.

Understand The Prompt

The first and most important step is to read the essay prompt carefully. What does the tutor expect from you? Ensure you understand the paper’s expectations before you think of selecting a suitable topic.

Topic Selection

When it comes to topic selection, you need to pick a relevant title that aligns with the research question. It is advisable to choose a familiar topic that you are passionate about.

Writing on such a topic will be more manageable than exploring an unfamiliar theme. You will be in a better position to defend your subject. In this case, you can craft an exciting title that resonates with hope and appeals to your readers.

Identify Your Target Audience

Another vital aspect of your assignment is to know your target readers. It is essential to identify your audience to craft a relatable paper. Knowing your readers will help you present convincing arguments. For instance, an assignment on hope will resonate well with a mature audience; people who have encountered life hardships and have lost hope.

You need to convince them that there is still hope for a better future. Thus, consider your target audience if you want to craft a compelling assignment.

Comprehensive Research

Having impressive research skills is a plus in essay writing. Your assignment on hope should show readers that you have researched well. Ensure you conduct comprehensive research to get facts and relevant evidence to support your arguments.

It is vital to research your perspective and the opposing side as well. You will effectively counter the opposition to develop solid arguments. However, not all students are skilled researchers. So, if you are struggling, get the best writing services to sort you out.

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Design an Outline

Before you embark on the writing phase, it is imperative to have a proper outline for the hope assignment. In this case, you need a persuasive essay outline. An outline helps in thought organization and articulation. It is a map that guides your composition in a proper direction.


This section begins the writing phase of your assignment. What is the primary purpose of your paper? You can use a personal story from your life or a compelling fact from your research. Include background information of your study and add a hook sentence to capture your readers’ attention.

Finally, end the introduction with a powerful thesis statement to let the readers know what to expect from your assignment.

Main Body

This section is the backbone of your assignment. It holds the entire research in the form of main ideas, arguments, explanations, and supporting evidence. It also includes counterarguments to sway the readers to your side.

The paragraphs start with a topic sentence, conveying the central idea. Depending on your points, you can have at least three paragraphs in your body. Make sure your ideas flow logically without confusing the readers. It is advisable to have each point per paragraph with explanations and examples. You can then connect your ideas to flow transitionally.


The last section concludes your assignment by summarizing the entire research work. It should have your final thoughts about the study and a call to action on a specific issue. Here, you can restate the significant points you explained in the body paragraphs without adding new information.

Edit and Proofread

After completing your assignment, you must conduct a thorough edit to eliminate errors. Turning in your assignment without editing and proofreading is a mistake. Your essay might have trivial errors – punctuation, spellings, grammar, or sentence issues that might compromise your final scores.

Essays on Hope Are More Manageable Than You Thought

As you can see, completing such an assignment is not a hassle. Follow the above steps to write a persuasive essay about hope. But, if you need professional help, hire an expert from a top essay writing service and turn in meticulous assignments.


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