Freelancers Bring Flexibility, Expertise, and Ease: Here’s How They Can Help Your ECommerce Businesses Grow 

Hiring a freelancer over a traditional employee can save you 30%, according to Creatives On Call. With this figure in mind, it’s not surprising that 47% of hiring managers say they’re likely to hire a freelancer in the future.

Hiring freelancer

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For ecommerce businesses, freelancers can be particularly beneficial. So, why should you bring a freelancer on board?

Better Marketing

Ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace. By next year, $6.5 trillion sales will be done online, so there’s a lot of competition. To ensure your company succeeds, your business and products need to stand out.

Hiring a freelance marketer is the best way to do this as they’ll be experts in their field. They’ll know how to entice customers in and get them to spend their money.

Freelance marketers keep on top of the latest trends and will use this knowledge when designing marketing material for your brand. It’s also worth hiring a freelance copywriter to work with your freelance marketer as they’ll write great text to further help sell your products.

Frees Up your Time

There are many jobs involved in running an ecommerce business and it’s not possible to expand your business if you’re doing them all yourself. Using freelancers to fulfill your orders, complete your admin tasks, run your social media, and manage your website will free you up so you can focus on securing great deals that will help you expand your business.

You need to make sure that any self-employed worker involved in your business is the right fit for your company. Checking things such as their preferred method of communication, schedule, and experience is a must. It’s also highly recommended that you view their portfolio or samples of their work before you take them onboard.

24/7 Customer Support

9 in 10 customers say they expect immediate support when they contact a business.

One of the biggest benefits of using freelancers is you can hire ones across the world so they’re able to respond to your customers at any time of the day or night. This works well for ecommerce businesses as it stops customers from shopping for products elsewhere. Customers are also likely to spend more money with your ecommerce business. Research shows that customers spend 17% more with companies who provide great customer service.

Your ecommerce business will benefit greatly by introducing freelance workers into the mix. Just make sure you take time finding the best person or people for the job.


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