How To Make Money By Fixing and Flipping Houses

One of your realtor friends might be earning huge with fix-and-flip homes.

Seeing them making a lot of money might motivate you to consider fixing and flipping houses. But you can’t just be like your friend overnight. You need to have the proper knowledge and understanding about that.

Fix-and-flip home

You have to know how much a particular renovated property will cost and will it be worth what you need to spend on flipping it. Only if you do your research along with calculating the numbers will you be able to make a profitable house flipping possible.

This way, you will also be able to consider the cost of flipping.

How To Make Money By Fixing And Flipping Houses

Suppose you are planning to flip houses and make a considerable amount of money. You need to take every step really carefully. This is why we are writing this article for you. With this complete guide on how to make money by fixing and flipping houses, you will also be able to make money and make a profit.

1. Search The Right Neighborhood To Invest

In order to make money flipping houses, first, you need to ensure that you have a piece of in-depth knowledge about the market where you want to or thinking about investing. You always have to remember that you can fix a home but not the neighborhood.

So, when you are evaluating a neighborhood where you are thinking about investing, you must ensure that you are considering the following.

  • Calculate the months of supply.
  • How many homes are selling for?
  • Research market trends that will affect house prices.

2. Find The Right House To Fix-And-Flip

Once you are done finding the neighborhood or the market, it is time to go with the most vital stage, and that is finding the right house. When selecting a house, you need to evaluate how much amount you need to invest in buying and fixing it.

After that, determine what can be the minimum selling cost once it is fixed. After all, your ambition is to get a higher profit with the investment, so finding the right home is necessary.

3. Assess The Property And The Deal

Just the way we have mentioned earlier. When you have shortlisted some of the houses in the right neighborhood, schedule a showing and start evaluating all of the property in person. If possible, bring your contractor during the property visit.

Together you need to consider the following things.

  • Calculate the potential AVR or after repair value.
  • Get a professional house inspector to look for damaged chimneys, big foundation cracks, buried oil tanks, old electrical wiring, and similar things.

4. Finance Your Fix-And-Flip Project

As a beginner, you will find figuring out how to finance and still make money by flipping houses a great challenge. Most conventional leaders don’t lend to houses that are in poor condition.

They also are not willing to lend money to those borrowers who don’t have a fixed income, high net worth, or fix-and-flip experience. However, you can think of conventional bank loans, hard money lenders with experience in your area, real estate crowdfunding loans, and similar.

5. Develop Your Dream Team

For fixing and flipping homes, you will need to work with brokers, lenders, inspectors, appraisers, title companies, contractors, and also lawyers. In this scenario forging strong and meaningful relationships early on can actually help you in making money.

When it comes to contractors, they have to be great with their work and also offer that within your budget. Also, you need to have faith in them. So, you need to build a great team to make your project successful.

Finally, Sell The Home!

After all these, your job is to renovate the house and fix each and every issue the property has, and make it perfect for selling. The longer the house will be on the market, the carrying cost will be more and less profit.

So, you need to ensure that you are getting a buyer as soon as possible and make a profitable deal.


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