New Jersey: The Top 8 Best Truck Accident Attorneys

A truck collision is a terrible encounter that frequently leads to devastating injuries and even death. It may be possible to seek compensation for damages if a person is wounded or killed due to the carelessness of a driver.  A truck accident investigation is a quest for the truth.

Semi-truck accident

So, we have the list of the top 8 truck accident attorneys of New Jersey right here at your fingertips:

1. Peter N. Davis

Following a major truck collision, there are several concerns to explore.

You need Peter N. Davis on your side because you can rely on him to protect your rights and help you through the numerous questions you will have.  This attorney knows how to take on large trucking firms while you focus on getting your life back on track.

The Law Offices of Peter N. Davis and Associates have many truck accident lawyers in Paterson that serve the surrounding towns.

2. Brandon J. Broderick

Brandon J. Broderick will work on a contingency fee basis, which means he only gets paid if he wins your case. You will not be charged if he does not win.

Without a proper claim, the insurance company may make you a low-ball offer that barely covers any of your demands.

Brandon J. Broderick can transform your setback into a triumph. You pay nothing in advance when you choose a New Jersey automobile accident lawyer from his firm; Brandon J. Broderick, Attorney at Law.

3. Thomas F. Flynn III

We all need legal services from time to time, whether it’s for simple legal guidance or more significant and sophisticated litigation such as truck accident claims.

It’s crucial to have someone on your side who has not only the skills and experience to provide effective legal advice but also the empathy and compassion to act as your personal champion.

Thomas F. Flynn III, who is the founder of Flynn Associates P.C. has been handling truck accident cases for 40 years. He is an admitted attorney in the New Jersey Bar, and has many skilled lawyers in the firm who share the same expertise as him in handling such cases.

4. Karim Arzadi

Karim Arzadi’s law office has handled injury lawsuits involving personal automobiles and commercial trucks.  They are specialized in giving customers information that they may utilize to develop a better case for compensation, regardless of the kind of case.

They also provide guidelines that explain to customers how to keep track of their symptoms and medical treatments in the weeks and months following a truck accident.

5. Peter Michael

Attorney Peter Michael started Peter Michael Law in 2019.  Personal Injury, especially truck accidents, Criminal Defense, and Traffic & Municipal Violations, are the three areas of law where the company specializes.

With each of their clients, they strive for open and honest communication because Peter believes communication is the key to having a successful client-attorney relationship.

6. Salvatore Marabondo

Salvatore Marabondo is a personal injury lawyer in Jersey City who is excellent at handling truck accident claims.

Salvatore Marabondo worked as a Litigation Attorney for a series of international insurance companies before joining Cigna Property and Casualty Insurance Companies. He understands what insurance companies and their attorneys need in order to take your case seriously, and he will do what is best for his client to take the case to trial.

7. Anthony Carbone

Without a qualified lawyer, it’s impossible to navigate the legal system, especially in Jersey City.

Anthony Carbone, a New Jersey personal injury attorney, has been fighting for the rights of Jersey City residents for over 30 years. With an established track record, a strong work ethic, and a deep understanding of the law, you can be certain that your case will be successful.

8. Joseph M. Ghabour

His injury attorneys are here to help you find your path and receive compensation for your injuries when you didn’t see it coming.

After a truck accident, you need a strong, caring legal team on your side that will listen to your tale, battle the insurance company on your behalf, and litigate the case on your behalf.

His firm deals with a wide range of personal injury issues, including accidents involving automobiles, trucks, and buses, motorcycle Mishaps, etc.

Consult And Decide

Now that you know which truck accident attorneys are the best in New Jersey, you can ask them to help you. With the right consultation, you will find a way to proceed with the truck accident case you have just been dragged into.

If you think you need more information from us, we can help you too.


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