5 Key Tips For Sending Cold Emails in 2022

Don’t get left behind with old strategies for sending cold emails—stay up to date with the latest tips for cold emailing

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Cold emailing can be intimidating for first-time salespeople. And it makes sense why it is so intimidating—you are tasked with introducing yourself and your business while convincing your audience that they should pay attention.

It isn’t an easy task, especially since we all lead very busy lives and sometimes get hundreds of emails per day. To send out a cold email, you need to stay up to date with the latest strategies and techniques to get you the best results from your campaigns. If this is your first time sending out cold emails or you need to refresh your cold email strategy, keep reading! We’re going over how to write cold email subject lines and how to appeal to your target audience in 2022. Let’s dive in!

1. Send Cold Emails With Engaging Subject Lines

By sending cold emails with the right subject lines, you can increase your response rate and other key metrics

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Make sure your subject line is impactful and personalized.

The subject line of your email is limited to just a few words, which means you don’t have very long to make the right impression. To write a subject line that will inspire interest in your audience, you need to make your subject line as specific as possible. A subject line like “Are you interested in an exciting opportunity?” is too vague and is unlikely to get the responses you want from your prospects. However, a personalized subject line that clearly states your purpose is much more likely to get a response.

For example, a subject line like “Hello, {first name} are you searching for a new sales strategy?” is much more likely to grab your audience’s attention. In this secondary example, you are addressing the person by their first name so they know the message was intended for them and you are clearly stating your purpose for sending the message–the person you emailed works in sales. By including this information in your subject lines, you are giving your recipient just enough information to get them to open the message.

To personalize your subject line, you will need to invest in a mass email tool that takes the hassle out of message personalization. Several mass email tools on the market can help you personalize your messages via a mail merge. Speaking of personalization, let’s take a closer look at personalization for cold email and why it is so effective for getting opens, responses, and ultimately conversions.

2. Personalize Your Email Campaigns

Personalized elements in your message let your target know that you are reaching out to them for a reason

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Avoid the spam folder by including relevant personalization elements.

These days, with so much spam in our inboxes it can be difficult to tell which messages are actually important and deserve our attention. Imagine you receive an email with a vague subject line and a message that looks like it was sent to a few hundred people at once—you are very likely to delete the message or even report it as spam. On the other hand, if you see your name, your company’s name, your job title, and maybe even a reference to the area where you live, then you are much more likely to reply to the email.

The main purpose of sending cold emails is to get replies. So, you should seriously consider adding personalization elements to both the subject line and the body copy to gain your audience’s trust and encourage them to reply.

You don’t want to go overboard with your personalization elements—after all this is your first connection with this person. As a general rule, you can include as much information as is available on their LinkedIn profile. While it is completely normal to get information from a public Facebook page, adding in too many personal details can come off as downright creepy.

Once again, you’ll need a mass email tool if you’re sending cold emails with personalization elements. Using your mass email tool, you’ll need to execute a mail merge to automatically input information from your address list into your emails.

3. Keep Your Message Short & Sweet

Taking too long to get to the point will decrease your response rate

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Be sure your message can be read in just a few seconds.

As we already mentioned, everyone receives too many emails per day. Since we spend hours of our day sifting through work and personal emails, a message that is too wordy or takes too long to get to the point will be overlooked. People value efficient communication, and you should too when it comes to sending cold emails.

We recommend that you make your introduction in one or two sentences and then get to your pitch. If you spend too much time talking about your company and who you are, your recipient will begin to lose interest. Your priorities when writing your cold email should be to introduce yourself, give a quick explanation as to why you are messaging the target, and then introduce your unique value proposition. By hitting these three beats in your message as efficiently as possible, you can increase your response rate and avoid losing your prospects to boredom or lack of time.

4. Research Your Audience

By taking the time to profile your target audience, you can better understand their motivations

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The more you can learn about your audience, the better.

One of the biggest mistakes that salespeople make when sending cold emails is neglecting to research their audience. Taking the time to research your audience gives you a better understanding of their motivations and how they might respond to different subject lines, designs, personalization elements, and body copy.

Let’s say you are a web development company searching for new client leads in businesses that have outdated websites. Rather than hit them with a bunch of statistics about your company and your results, present them with all of the ways that they can improve their business with your help. If your prospects have outdated sites, it is probably best to avoid any web development jargon as well. By taking the time to research and better understand your target audience, you’ll see an improvement in your response rate.

5. Offer Value for Your Recipients

Without selling the value of your product or service, your message will read like a standard, boring sales pitch

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Consult with your team to come up with a unique value proposition to highlight in your emails.

The last, and arguably the most important thing to remember when sending cold emails is that you need to offer value to the recipient. By putting the focus on how your prospects can benefit from responding to your message, you will get more quality responses. As we’ve mentioned, your message will land in a crowded inbox and it is up to you to make sure that your recipients see value in your offer. Just remember to keep your business’s unique value proposition at the core of your message and you will be well on your way to writing a compelling cold email.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can start sending out better messages for your next cold email campaign. While this is far from a comprehensive list of tips for sending cold emails in 2022, you can use our tips as an overview when preparing your next campaign. Good luck, and happy emailing!


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