What to Look For When Evaluating Automated Security Guard Tools?

Managing on-site security personnel, particularly after the pandemic, can be difficult. All sizes of businesses are searching for technologies to make this work simpler. After spending a lot of time comparing various guard tour systems, they may start to resemble one another.

Business premise security guard

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But a system with essential security guard tools can stand out thanks to four essential features. We advise looking into each system’s usability, customer service and support, tracking ability, and reporting possibilities.

1. Customer Support

Systems for security guard tours aren’t just pieces of equipment you install and then disregard. They need continual supervision and assistance. As your office expands, these technologies must change and adapt. Examine the design and support choices you are thinking about.

Will they assist you in designing hardware to meet the specific requirements of your facility? When you require new features, will they upgrade your guard tour system software? When you require continuous help or want to change your system, are they accessible?

2. Usability

Your staff will discover ways to function without new technology if it is cumbersome, unpleasant, or time-consuming in the office. How much money you spend on new technology or your rigid rules makes no difference. If the system makes it harder for someone to do their job, they will discover ways to go around it.

Look for usability while contrasting guard tour patrol systems. You need a system that is simple to use and will integrate with the workflows that make sense for the current patrol routines of your guards. Never use a round hole for a square peg answer.

3. Tracking Capability

Real-time tracking capabilities are necessary for busy work sites. Examine the functionality of each tracking system. Will you get updates on guard locations in real-time? The security standards for your facility must be compatible with the wireless standard. Will the signals operate unhindered in your environment?

4. Instantaneous Reporting and Alerts

One of its main advantages is the amount of fresh, useful data you can gather by digitally automating guard tour management. The central management system receives data from each tag signout, checkpoint reached, and real-time position log. As a result, you’ll gather a tonne of brand-new data. However, the value of such data depends on the fresh insights you can draw from it.

5. Guard Tour Product Development and Innovation

You should seek a guard tour system supplier committed to giving you the most recent developments and continually enhancing the product as technology develops and changes.

Before deciding:

  • Check if the different guard tour system providers have introduced any new features or goods.
  • Check these places to see if they have updated their website or been active on social media.
  • Check out review websites to check how recently their system has been reviewed.

6. Tech Support

An ethical business will continue to support your purchase even after you have purchased their protection software. Check the company’s website’s troubleshooting forum to check if the company’s technicians promptly address the questions posed there. If you have a question, you can contact the company’s helpline by phone or email to assess how quickly they will respond and how well they will assist you.

7. Compatibility With your System

Remember that using a Mac or Linux system does not ensure complete virus protection. Make sure the security guard software you purchase is compatible with your device, regardless of your operating system. A security product frequently comes in a specific version to meet the requirements of a certain operating system version.


If you take the time to investigate your alternatives and consider the security concerns most important to you, selecting a security guard system need not be difficult or unpleasant. To get an even better sense of what type of software will fit your needs the best, read up on evaluations for the most popular programs frequently posted on tech review websites.


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