Grow Your Social Presence With These YouTube Video Ideas

YouTube videos have exploded the digital arena with creative touches in business marketing strategies. Social media viewers take note of interactive YouTube videos and the way your brand strategizes its YouTube video content.

YouTube video ideas

Here we will discuss the different kinds of compelling YouTube videos trending on multiple social media platforms. These videos increase brand exposure, grow your audience, and convert maximum leads into sales.

Reasons For Creating YouTube Videos

More than 70% of YouTube watch time is accessed from mobile devices. The platform is growing exponentially, with more than 400 hours of video posted every minute on it.

YouTube is accessed by more than 2.5 billion users a month where users worldwide spent 23.2 hours per month on YouTube between Jan – March 2022

These stats are good enough reason for you to indulge in creating original, educational, and promotional videos for your business on YouTube and then sharing them on multiple digital channels to get maximum brand exposure which will eventually lead to higher conversions, sales, and ROI.

13 YouTube Videos That Will Wow Your Social Media Audience

Create YouTube videos that are trending on digital platforms and are highly preferred and recommended by social media viewers:

Introduction Videos

Whether you’re an established brand or an individual startup, you need to connect with an audience that prefers human interaction to faceless organizations.

If the heads or top stakeholders of the organization interact with the YouTube audience in an introductory video, telling them what the business is all about, how their products and services can benefit them, and how the business is keen to connect with users across the globe, it creates a lasting impression on the target audience.

Behind The Scenes And Company Culture Videos

These types of videos can educate your audience about your business goals, core team, and culture and show them how your business works. Let your video reveal how your products are created, how they can resolve consumer issues, and how your business operates to create trust and credibility among the audience.

This also contributes to more views, brand exposure, and user engagement.

Webinars and Livestreams

Live interaction allows you to connect and interact with your audience. These video streams are easier to create, more affordable, and more accessible than others.

Use professional services and an online YouTube video editor to understand the right technologies and mediums to stream and share videos on different social media channels.

Your Live videos can be Q&A formats that focus on shopper questions, are covered by subject matter experts, and can be used at every stage of your advertising brand or company’s marketing strategy.

Unboxing Videos

Another category that intrigues the online user is unboxing videos. People enthusiastically spend time watching how a product is unboxed, the key steps to operate it, especially if it’s a gadget, and the response of other people watching the video.

It is also a great learning experience for viewers to know about recent product launches and the experience they will get if they purchase the product from the company.

Gaming And Comedy Videos

YouTubers and social media audiences love entertainment. They want you to follow the trend and create videos that interest and entertain them besides educating them about your business.

It’s all about humor and gaming for many in such arenas.

These videos can be made with the business genre in mind.

Instructional Videos And Tutorials

Provide product or service descriptions and how-to topics with animation, graphic design, and dramatic flair. Use an effective YouTube video maker to create fact-based or evergreen videos for digital channels.

Use them to educate your audience about your products, services, and basic topics.

These videos intend to educate the audience on how the product or service works and provide useful insight and knowledge. They serve as guides to tips and tricks, simplify complex information, and deep dive into SEO and social media marketing.

Challenge Videos

It’s a trend that has taken over YouTube and social media platforms by storm. People love to watch others complete a challenge and then participate in the same, which is entertainment for them.

You can get more creative with these videos and initiate a trend that can go viral and eventually benefit your channel.

Make a Product Teaser Video

People love trailers! Product or business update teasers give an adrenaline rush and create the suspense factor, which keeps the audience hanging. Such videos can be created to introduce new products or talk about your business’s mission.

If your teaser manages to grab the right attention, your audience will surely come back for more.

Customer Testimonials, Feedback, Ratings, And Reviews

Consumer reviews positively impact leads who rely on customer experience more than the business itself.

This video type allows your existing and satisfied customers to document their thoughts and opinions about your service or business, giving you a great opportunity to focus on the shareability, affiliation, and credibility of your business or brand.

Play a Game

You can organize polls, surveys, quizzes, or a brain-racking game video to influence your audience to participate and interact with your business.

Direct communication can garner maximum lead responses, and you will be surprised to see viewers flocking in.

Whiteboard Videos

Audiences appreciate this concept of visual storytelling, which uses the charisma of a narrator to delineate and simplify complex business concepts. This is a popular method among YouTubers to help their key customers make purchasing decisions.

It is also an established method for promoting new and existing products.

Introduce your Team

Besides your products and services, or your business reputation, one thing that interests your audience is your employees. They want to know who works for the company, how you deal with them, what their contribution is towards the success of the business, etc.

Meet the Team videos are growing in popularity and attracting consumers to businesses.


Stories, collages, presentations, and images can be used to convey real or fictional events to your audience. This creativity is very useful for expressing experiences, fictional situations, conflicts, characters, and solutions.

A narration or a story in a business video evokes emotions and can build a relationship of reliability and trust in your viewers.


With billions of YouTube users today, your business promotional videos can attract potential leads and retain your existing audience.

You can use the above YouTube Video ideas to inspire comments, likes, and conversations and, most importantly, attract potential leads for your business. Post your creative YouTube videos on social media platforms and expand your presence in the global corporate marketing arena.

However, just uploading a YouTube video is not enough. You need to know how to post YouTube videos to social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc., and do your creative best to get maximum views, likes, comments, and shares.


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