Growing a Personal Brand: Tips You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

In this age of widespread use of social media, influencing has become imperative to get attention from your customers. Even if you have a business, having a personal brand draws in more followers and creates a sense of trust among your followers. If you’re a social media influencer, you must pay special attention to building a personal brand. If you have a skill that you’d like to teach or sell, building a personal brand is imperative for you.

Personal branding

While building a personal brand is not easy, it’s not rocket science either. If you’re looking to build your brand and grow your business, you can check out the following tips.

Focus on Your Specialty

Capitalizing on your expertise is the best way to build a personal brand. Identify one or two relevant skills you’d like to teach or sell. Furthermore, you have to find competition in your niche and figure out what you’re doing differently from them and why your followers should come to you.

Always offer something to your audience that the competitors aren’t providing. Build your unique selling proposition around it. Niche down by finding a specific target market after finding out your strength. For example, if you’re a social media strategist, you can exclusively focus on mompreneurs and help them strengthen their brands online. Working with a specific niche will allow you to hone your skills in this sector, and you can become an expert in a short period. As a result, more and more mompreneurs will come to you for service.

Build a Strong Online Presence

Building a strong online presence is a mandatory requirement for building a personal brand. Most people spend a lot of time on the Internet, and you can easily grab their attention and grow a following through these platforms.

First, get a website that showcases your past projects, a blog section with your views on the cause you support, your expertise in the skill you’re selling, and testimonials from previous clients. Influencers or leaders who have a website gain more credibility from their clients than those who don’t. You can quickly build a website on WordPress, Blogger, or Canva. If you don’t have the required skills, you can hire a website developer or an agency for the task. Companies like BANG! Web Site Design have affordable rates and can custom build your website according to your needs.

Similarly, open accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok and start posting about your skills and view on causes you support.

Build a Brand Persona

Like all brands, a personal brand also needs a persona. Build your brand persona around your core skill and offerings for your target audience. Find a cause and integrate it into your brand voice. Be original. Believe in an idea. From the example above, you can be a social media strategist who supports struggling mothers with their small businesses. While preparing communication, voice your mission and purpose well to your target audience. If they can relate to your cause, your business will grow exponentially.

Focus on writing a strong bio that reflects your purpose and speaks to your audience. It’s not mandatory to list all your services and proof of past projects in your bio. Try to keep an informal touch to engage well with the audience. Avoid writing a monotonous bio as people tend to skip them over.

Be a Storyteller

Customers and audiences might not respond directly to sales posts or advertisements. But they can relate to stories very well. If you want your brand to bloom, you must tell a relatable story to your audience. The best content for telling a story is creating blog posts, adding little anecdotes to social media post captions, and creating videos.

Be Consistent

Being consistent is a prerequisite for building any brand. Audiences want you to update them frequently. Tell them what’s new with you or what new things you’re working on and how they can benefit from it. Create new content whenever you can and maintain a schedule while posting them online. People consume a lot of content every day. You can easily get lost in the high competition if you’re not consistent.

Hire a team specifically for building a personal brand online. Create new and engaging content and have them post those on your social media channels at regular intervals. Ask your audience to tune in for regular content on those designated days every week, and you’ll quickly see growth.

Grow Your Network

Growing a personal brand is more about putting yourself out there. Good networking skills can aid your exposure in multiple ways. Once you have everything in place, start building your network and see how you can collaborate with others in the same industry or a relevant industry. Have your peers share your posts, or leave comments on theirs. Pay close attention to what they’re doing and share your ideas with them. Growing together can benefit both of you and help with growth.

Growing a personal brand is easy if you know how to navigate yourself in the competitive market and what content to create. Once you get the basics sorted, you can grow your personal brand comparatively faster and start seeing returns on your investment.


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