Creative Resume Formats to Capture Employers’ Attention

Standing out is crucial in a job market saturated with talent. But doing so without going overboard can be tricky.

Creative resume writing

Including measurable results in your bullet points is another way to show hiring managers your value. They care less about what you did at a job and more about your work’s impact.

1. Use a Header

When it comes to your resume formatting, you only get 6.25 seconds to convince the recruiter that you’re worth a full review. And a well-written header is an effective way to make this happen.

Use a headline that showcases your skills and experience or a summary statement that shows you are the perfect candidate for the position. Ensure the fonts you choose are easy to read and that your resume has plenty of white space.

Use a professional look, but not too formal or stuffy. And avoid using too many acronyms – this can create confusion and will most likely get picked up by the ATS. Companies are looking for your value, not just what you do daily. Show this by listing your achievements rather than responsibilities.

2. Add a Table of Contents

A table of contents is a great way to help recruiters find the necessary information. It can also make your resume more organized and clean.

It’s important to remember that a resume is not only about how it looks but about how it works. It should communicate your skills, experience, and abilities clearly and effectively.

To ensure your resume is ATS compliant, use a standard font size (e.g. 12 pt) and avoid using colors or another fancy formatting. It’s also a good idea to write out acronyms instead of using them to ensure search engines pick them up. Also, be sure to review your resume for any errors (e.g. a misspelled word or an extra “s”). These little mistakes can quickly derail your chances of getting hired.

3. Include a Cover Letter

If you’re a teacher looking to leave the classroom, you need an eye-catching resume that shows how your skills translate into the business world. This template uses icons and content blocks to provide a unique design that makes it easy to read.

Including a cover letter with your resume is essential, especially if you’re applying for an executive position. A well-written cover letter can make all the difference in a hiring manager’s decision.

Start with a hook, like a fun fact about yourself that grabs the reader’s attention. Then, share why you’re interested in the company and position. Also, always proofread your letter. Typos, such as an extra “s” or wrong word, can overshadow your most significant accomplishments. Consider asking a friend to read it, as they can often catch errors you missed.

4. Use a Video

A video resume can help you stand out among the crowd of paper-only applicants. It can also make it easier for employers to get a feel for your personality and enthusiasm, which is often a better indicator of job performance than just skills and experience alone.

A good resume video should be short and to the point. Hiring managers aren’t likely to watch more than one or two minutes of a video, and they may lose interest any longer.

Some candidates choose to structure their video like an interview by portraying themselves and an “interviewer,” focusing on the essential points of their experience. This works incredibly well for candidates looking to move into a different industry or sector and must show their ability to quickly adapt.


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