7 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Construction Machinery

It’s no secret that construction machinery is a significant investment. And, just like any other investment, you want to do everything you can to prolong its life. Construction workers already have a lot on their plates – the last thing they want is to deal with machinery that’s constantly breaking down.

Construction machinery maintenance worker

We’re going to look at tips to extend the life of your construction equipment. That way, it can keep chugging along for as long as possible, and you’re not shelling out extra money to replace it.

1. Clean Your Equipment

Dirt and debris can wreak havoc on construction equipment. Not only does it make the machinery look bad, but it can also lead to corrosion and other problems.…

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8 Extremely Practical Uses of Reflective Tape for Small Businesses

Small businesses can utilize reflective tape as a nifty marketing tactic. It helps increase visibility in unexpected ways. Let’s see how!

Reflective tape on a laptop

photo credit: Will Floyd / Flickr

Reflective tape isn’t a new phenomenon. It always existed in one shape or another. You’ll notice light refracting off of surfaces all around you. You only need to take a closer look.

Have you ever paid attention to how a cat’s eye works? It’s retro-reflective at its peak! Reflective tape was made with a similar concept in mind. Here’s how you can incorporate it into your business.

What Is Reflective Tape?

Reflective tape is a film that reflects light by utilizing glass spheres and prisms.…

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Understanding The Different Types of Loading Technology

To get the very best out of your business, you must have the very best in loading technology solutions. The more disorganised you are, and the more adjusting of trailers and vehicles you need to do to facilitate getting goods on and off vehicles wastes time and is potentially dangerous for drivers, loaders, and other site users.

Loading house

But what exactly is available to make your day-to-day business operations run smoothly, getting deliveries and products in and out of your facilities effectively and safely? Streamlined and dedicated loading technology can help take the hassle out of loading and unloading and ensure that vehicle and people’s movement in the area is more controlled and can operate at maximum efficiency and safety.…

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5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Ideal Contract Manufacturing Partner

Manufacturing has seen its shares of peaks and valleys in the past two years. Though each industry’s experience has been unique, they’ve all had to adapt in some form.

Contract manufacturing partner

Take the beauty industry, for example. For that $530 billion market, the past couple of years have been mainly about survival. As the world battled a deadly pandemic and its economic fallout, beauty consumers began shifting their dollars elsewhere. As a result, 2020 saw the sales of color cosmetics sales plunge 33%, and overall retail beauty sales fall 15%. But beauty is nothing if not resilient, and experts are forecasting a return to growth in 2022.…

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3 Benefits of Cloud Technology for the Construction Industry

Many sectors are evolving and adapting to emerging technologies. Compared to other industries, the project-based and relationship-oriented construction business is one of the least digitized sectors out there.

Construction site

photo credit: Pixabay

On occasion, construction workers want the most up-to-date project information, but they are not readily available. As a result, time, money, and resources are wasted, and projects are delayed. Due to this delay, a company’s reputation can be affected. To prevent these problems, the construction sector needs a solution to manage all of its tasks while also allowing employees to remotely access data. The cloud-based solution provides real-time management, remote access, and unlimited storage.…

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6 Things You Should Know Before Using Steel Building Kits For Your Business

Metal buildings are among the hottest trends in the construction industry. In particular, the industry of steel building kits or pre-fabricated steel building has projected revenue of up to USD$8.2 billion at the end of the year.

Steel building

But what is it about these steel buildings that captivate the attention of businesses and major corporations worldwide?

Here are six things you should know about steel building kits for commercial use.

1. It Only Takes A Few Weeks Or Months To Construct

Typical commercial building construction can take about 6 – 12 months, from pouring the foundation to installing drywall and adding plumbing and electrical components.…

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Do You Own a Manufacturing Business? Here’s Some Important Advice

Manufacturing businesses are important to the economy. Manufacturing businesses are responsible for creating thousands of jobs and contributing billions in tax revenues. If you own a manufacturing business, here’s some important advice-use your resources wisely, be mindful of costs, invest in innovation, take care of your employees, and much more!

High tech manufacturing

photo credit: Unsplash

Investing In New Technologies

To remain competitive, manufacturing businesses need to invest in new technologies. This may involve investing in new machines or software, or even training your employees on the latest technologies. The goal is to improve efficiency and increase productivity, especially in the production line using a bucket elevator or another piece of equipment to improve the production line.…

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What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro extractions, which at times is called vacuum extraction, is the process, which uses a vacuum system and pressurized water to remove a large amount of soil in the area that needs excavating.


photo credit: Goliathvac.com

You can also consider traditional excavation procedures, which involve using heavy machines, like backhoes and shovels. But these traditional methods have some limits, making them less desirable in a lot of applications.

In addition, hydro extraction wands may use hot water. This is important in cold climate areas, such as the Northern United States or Canada.

Where soil is frozen and more complicated to remove, hot water hydro extraction will enable you to handle frozen soil and successfully complete the project.…

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6 Common Not to Forget Industrial Safety Tips

Almost 9.7% of workers working in a construction site suffer one or another type of injury. It can happen due to various reasons. While some are really unpredictable others can be avoided by keeping a few things in check.

Prioritizing workplace safety

Here are some common not to forget industrial safety tips:

1. Wearing Protective Equipment

One of the most basic things to always keep in mind is wearing protective equipment without fail. Protective equipment is specially designed in a way to keep one arm and legs covered. All the other protective gears like protective goggles, hard hats, work boots, or gloves are just as equally important for one’s safety.…

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What is an Extruder and Does Your Company Need One?

Extrusion enables the changing of the shapes of materials. This process transforms plastics into pellets and tubes. Because of this, many industries use extruders because of the vast advantages they could provide. Generally, extrusion makes production and manufacturing faster because of its continuous operation. Apart from it, it typically offers a better output as to quality and quantity.


Extrusion is standard in the industries of production, engineering, and agriculture. If you’re working in any of these industries, you may want to know more about this machine. Suppose you want to learn everything about extruders, here’s an article that could guide you.…

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