Everything you Need to Know About Oxy-Fuel Cutting

If you’re a small manufacturing business or work with raw materials, you may be considering an oxy-fuel cutter.

But what actually is oxy-fuel cutting, and is it right for your business?

Oxy-fuel cutting

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What is Oxy-Fuel Cutting?

It’s a process that has been used across the globe for over a century. However, despite cementing its place in history, it’s still a commonly used cutting technique today.

Oxy-fuel cutting combines fuel and oxygen to cut different materials, but mostly metals. The most commonly used fuel is acetylene, but other gases like natural gas, propylene, liquified petroleum, and hydrogen can also be used.…

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How the Oil and Gas Sector Benefits From Aluminum Castings

The oil and gas sector is incredibly important to today’s economy. Without it, people would not have the fuel they rely on. However, getting that fuel involves complex processes, such as extraction, refining, and careful transport from one location to the next.

Offshore oil rig

photo credit: Jan-Rune Smenes Reite / Pexels

None of that would be possible without strong, durable aluminum castings. These castings make various oil and gas applications safe and effective. The castings also provide a host of other benefits for these industries and, by extension, the world at large.

Enjoy Precise, Custom Design Services

First of all, there are a great many benefits to using aluminum castings.…

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Sinker EDM: Here’s How It Is Gaining Momentum Across The Industries

Electrical discharge machining or EDM has become a go-to technology of many industries, the existence of which has been prevailing for a long time. The process of electrical discharge machining uses an electrical current passed between the workpiece and electrode that are separated with a dielectric liquid.

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)

photo credit: NezzerX / Wikipedia

Upon applying high voltage, this liquid is ionized, thereby transforming into an electrical conductor and eroding the workpiece after releasing spark discharge. Such a process then shapes the workpiece into a final shape.

Sinker electrical discharge machining is one of the forms of electrical discharging machining designed for reliability and high precision.…

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The Filling Machine of Juice Bottle


Juice filling machine - Sheenstar

A great innovative company that offers complete package solutions for all types of water used for drinking and beverage production lines and turnkey projects, is none other than “SheenStar”. It offers multiple solutions of systems systems of treatment of water, moulding machines (bottle blow), filling lines of liquids including (water, carbonated drinks, juice, beverages) labelling machines, 5 gallon water filling line, film shrink and cotton packing machine. It also provides good quality manufacturing.

Founded in 2010, Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co., Ltd focuses on production of water and beverages. It’s in Leyu town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China, at NO88 Lezhong Road.…

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Add to Your Small Business Skillset with G Code

Whether you’re planning on investing in CNC machinery or already use it as part of your process, learning G Code could be a real feather in your cap. Don’t worry if you’ve never coded before or aren’t sure where to start, it’s incredibly easy to pick up with a little time and effort. Although you won’t become a master on your very first go, it’s an essential skill when it comes to making the most out of your CNC machine.

CNC machine programmed with G Code

photo credit: Peter Martin Hall / Flickr

Whether you’re interested in G Code milling commands or looking to develop a more general understanding of operations, your small business could really benefit from any newfound knowledge.…

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Choosing the Right Software Licensing Strategy

Choosing the right licensing scheme is critical to a software product’s success. Potential customers will not license your software if you choose the wrong licensing structure, even if your software is better compared to competing solutions. In addition, the right licensing strategy can pave the way for innovative and successful marketing strategies. As a result, one could argue that a software company’s success is determined by how it licenses its software.

Software licensing management

photo credit: Fotis Fotopoulos / Unsplash

Working toward higher-quality software license management is a must for most large or growing businesses. Working toward the target of implementing the best software and license management practices enables organizations to identify a complete software inventory as well as operate within established guidelines.…

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The Importance of FRL Maintenance

FRL are crucial in production performance and machine safety. Ensuring that correct devices are chosen and properly maintained is very important. What can engineers do to ensure equipment continually functions properly?

FRL maintenance

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Why does the equipment fail?

There are several factors that can cause pneumatic equipment to fail or not work as efficiently as it should.

One of the main reasons that pneumatic equipment fails is due to side-mount loading. The aim of the valve is to shift during operation, in a push-pull type of motion. It’s important to assess the efficiency of the valve during its motion rather than whilst it is stationary, as you might not spot the right errors or there could be seemingly no problems when the product is still.…

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What are High Bay LED Lights And Their Use Case?

High-bay lamps, as their name suggests, are used to illuminate spaces with high ceilings. This typically entails ceiling heights ranging from 20 to 45 feet. On the other hand, low-bay lamps are found in rooms with ceilings of 20 feet or less. A high-bay is a vital light source that can brighten an expansive room since a high-ceiling position requires more space to fill.

High-bay lighting at warehouse

photo credit: LED World / Pinterest

Where an expansive indoor room needs brightness, high bay lighting is typically the best choice. Consider areas such as assembly plants, gymnasiums, warehouses, massive department stores, factories, and more; these structures are usually large and span a large amount of vertical and horizontal area.…

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Upcoming Changes and Predictions for the Manufacturing Industry in the Next Five Years

The year 2020 was a tumultuous year for jobs, the economy, and industries as the world struggled to cope with the impact of COVID-19 on business and daily life. However, there’re reasons to be optimistic about the future, particularly if we are talking about the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing trends

photo credit: Alex Freeman / Pixabay

Despite over 60% of manufacturing companies feeling the impact of coronavirus on their operations, a recent study showed that most manufacturing companies had modest growth in revenue during the pandemic. Not only that, but evidence suggests that demand for products has never been higher.

Over the next few years, we expect to see a number of changes in the manufacturing industry.…

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How Might Nitrogen Generators Be Used for Industrial Applications?

Nitrogen is a common element on earth. Fortunately, it is industrially useful for man, and almost all industries need nitrogen generation during production.

Nitrogen generator system

photo credit: Mr pantswearer / Wikipedia

A typical unique property of Nitrogen gas is that it is odourless and colourless. Moreover, it can bond and multiply with other compounds and elements. Compressed nitrogen is versatile; thus, the reason it can be used across many industries. Of course, your industry also needs a reliable onsite nitrogen generator for production to save costs and enhance output.

In this piece, you will discover how nitrogen generators work and the usage of its industrial application.…

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