How to Choose the Right Accounting Software if You’re Self-Employed or a Freelancer

Self-employed, sole proprietors, micro businesses, or independent contractors? The answer to that question will help you choose the right accounting software for your business.

Accounting software

Self-employed individuals may need an accounting software that can handle their personal finances and set up an accountant relationship. You also need an accounting software that gives you the flexibility to manage your business from anywhere at any time.

Given the different requirements of self-employed people, it’s essential to understand what type of business you have before choosing a suitable accounting software. Fortunately, there are many tax implications for businesses as well as varying complexities depending on your type of business.…

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How to Prepare a Sales Presentation

If you are a sales manager, then you know that one of the most important roles of your job is to make sure your sales team is properly prepared for giving a sales presentation. A sales presentation is a crucial part of any sales cycle as it helps buyers and sellers meet face-to-face to negotiate a contract.

Sales presentation

Sales presentation can be divided into four main categories: business case, introduction, presenting the facts, and closing:

  • The business case is the most basic type of presentation. It showcases the benefits of the product or service and how it will benefit your customers.
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What Is Business Banking?

Business banking is when a third party (a banking provider) manages a company/business’s finances. It involves selecting a banking provider to store your business funds, manage your business bank account, apply for loans for your business, and obtain other financial services.

Business banking

Business banking focuses solely on providing banking services to business clients. The providers operate as separate units of financial institutions exclusively for corporations and businesses of all sizes.

The bank provides business owners with advisory and financial services and acts as a medium for all business-related financial transactions. Business banking is ideal for entrepreneurs and businesses of all scales looking to get financial guidance and better manage their financial dealings.…

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10 Must-Know Tips for Promotional Marketing Giveaway Campaigns

When you’re looking to expand your brand’s success and visibility, marketing becomes your most valuable tool. Even for smaller businesses that have a limited marketing budget, the ease and cost-effectiveness of a quality promotional marketing campaign can be highly attractive.

Promotional giveaway campaign

photo credit: Vidal Balielo Jr. / Pexels

Before you begin your next campaign, however, there are ten must-know tips you should hear about:

1. Know Your Audience

If you do not understand the lifestyles, wants, and needs of your target audience, marketing to them can become incredibly difficult. Once you’ve done your research in this area, however, you’ll be well-equipped to pick a promotional gift that will truly expand your brand’s appeal to them.…

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Layer 1 Crypto Projects to Consider During The Bear Market

If you’re as enthusiastic about crypto as we are, you’re most likely searching for the best crypto project to invest in during the bear market, which is a challenging period. Experts recommend choosing Layer 1 digital currencies, which include platforms like Ethereum and Bitcoin, because they were created with scalability in mind and therefore offer the best advantages.

Investing in Bitcoin

Over the last few years, the market witnessed the launchf of Layer 2 protocols that rely on Layer 1 networks for security and consensus. Due to Layer 2 protocols, Layer 1 scalability issues are even less frequent; therefore, this group of crypto projects is worth turning your attention to them.…

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Here’s What You Need to Know About Background Screening Reports

Statistics indicate that nearly 53% of job applicants cite inaccurate information about themselves and their candidature in their resumes to increase their chances of success. It is for this very reason that companies insist on carrying out background screenings on their prospective candidates, and some landlords check on their prospective tenants.

Job candidate background check

For the uninitiated, background screening is a process wherein an organization or individual uses third parties (usually professional background screening providers) to properly vet candidates for career opportunities.

A screening report is a result and conclusion that is drawn based on this information. These checks could be used for other purposes as well as a means of judging a candidate’s past activities and character and to identify potential risks for safety and security reasons of associating with said candidate.…

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How To Write A Script For A Micro-Learning Video?

In the modern corporate world, everyone is looking for growth. To enable said growth, big and small firms strategically invest in tools for boosting learning and development. These tools may include learning management systems (LMSs), video content management systems, training material production tools, and other online learning systems.

Micro-learning video

Many learning and development leaders have revealed another secret weapon for increasing the effectiveness of staff training: online video training combined with micro-learning.

Videos are now a common method for most companies to train their employees. L&D teams write, record, produce, and edit videos on their course subject, then distribute them among employees based on their training level and type.…

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From Team Leader To CEO: Education, Motivation, and Tips

As you progress through your career and ascend the organizational hierarchy, you learn a lot about leadership skills and leading teams. At some point, you become a functional leader with the responsibility to lead and take care of a team of co-workers. That implies leading, inspiring, and protecting that team. Things change when you decide to move on to become a CEO.


Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels

When transitioning to a CEO role, your remit becomes too broad to remain focused on the needs and tasks of any single unit within the larger organization. The wider scope and scale of management responsibilities require a different set of leadership and management skills.…

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What is Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

If you work in the Customer Experience industry and take care of what clients experience every day, you must familiarize yourself with the Contact Center concept. This cloud-based tool can serve as a quick solution for companies dealing with customer-related issues.

Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS)

When a company has to deal with plenty of customers, it’s important to find an appropriate software to process all the requests fast and give timely solutions. In terms of use and effectiveness, Contact Center as a Service should be the winning option for many companies.

CCaaS is a handy solution for businesses that don’t want to spend extra money on internal IT support.…

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Can Outsourcing Your Digital Marketing Functions Go Wrong? 5 Possible Solutions

In the increasingly interconnected environment of today, outsourcing has become a widespread practice. Many firms choose to use contractors from other countries where the cost of labour is substantially lower than that of the UK, the EU or the US. Outsourcing customer support operations to Indian firms or the transfer of physical production of goods to China is deemed the new ‘status quo’ for minimising your extra costs and making your financial year results more impressive to your investors. However, this approach poses a number of serious risks that may affect both your reputation and your profitability.

Digital marketing

In this article, we will analyse 5 possible solutions to potential issues associated with outsourcing your digital marketing functions.…

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