WELL Building Standard V2: Designing Healthy Workplaces

In the middle of a pandemic, the International WELL Building Institute wants to transform communities and buildings to help people succeed while bringing a cutting-edge WELL building standard. Let’s find out how.

WELL Building Standard V2 for Commercial building with green lawn

The WELL building standard is a green building rating system based on performance. It aims to provide strategies and guidelines for building, designing, and operating built environments to boost well-being, human health, and productivity.

Why do buildings need WELL certification?

According to research, people spend about 90% of their time indoors. On average, companies spend about 90% on employees and their salaries. The WELL standard is all about ensuring that the employees are happier, healthier, and more productive.…

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How to Reduce Risks in the Tech Sector

Since the arrival of the novel coronavirus pandemic, there’s been a period of revolution in the world of tech. Business has pivoted quickly to an entirely new way of doing things, with remote working, cloud storage and teleconferencing at its heart.

cybersecurity risks

And this transformation has brought with it a whole series of new risks. Phishing, malware and ransomware have all applied pressure to cyber security firms, and to the economy more broadly. The UK government estimates that the cost to the economy of cyber crime sits at around £27 billion per annum. That’s a figure which rivals some entire government departments.…

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What To Do If You Are In A Bicycle Accident

There are more bikes on the road than ever before. People are using them as a great way to go green on their commute. Even more riders are just out to enjoy life at a slower pace that a bike provides. No matter what your motivation for going for a bicycle ride, the fact is that even with more bikes on the road, there are drivers who don’t notice them.

Using bicycle for commuting

There are distracted drivers that are eating, texting, and generally doing everything except watching the road. And other drivers are just aggressive and always in a rush. This has led to an increase in bike crashes.…

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5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2021

What is crypto trading?

The trading of the Cryptocurrencies is a new form of trading which is taxable and is not illegal. It’s essentially the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies in a crypto exchange. Just like any other trading activities, you can do-it-yourself or use the service of a broker.

Cryptocurrency trading

That’s not the only way you can profit from the crypto price movement, however. Another way you can profit is crypto CFD trading. It is actually the act of theorizing or rather finding out the pricing ups and downs of cryptocurrency with the help of a CFD trading account, or by selling and buying the following coins via an exchange.…

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How to Start a Wholesale Liquor Distribution Business

For various reasons, starting a liquor distribution business is more difficult than running any other company. For starters, the liquor industry requires more taxes, rules, and laws compared to other industries. However, the business can be very profitable, and here’s how to start one.

Liquor distribution business

Get a License and Employer Identification Number

When starting a liquor business to sell at a wholesale market, you must first abide by state and federal legislation. Applying for a license and an employer identification number is one of the first things you need to do in order to open your business. The legislation of a license requires to specifically regulate the sales of alcoholic items.…

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What is Transatlantic Shipping?

Transatlantic shipping, for the purpose of this article, is the movement of goods between the UK and the US, and vice versa. From a US perspective, the UK is currently its 7th largest goods trading partner at a substantial $132.3 billion in total two-way goods trade. This is no small number, even considering the scale of the US economy.

Transatlantic shipping

The US is the UK’s largest export and import market for goods outside of the EU. China comes in at 2nd place (of non-EU markets) behind the US, which may be a surprise to some.

The Special Relationship

The widely known ‘Special Relationship’ between the US and UK is an unofficial term first used by the former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, during a speech in 1946.…

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How Virtual Events Can Be of Great Value To Your Business

An estimated 34% of event planners say increased attendance is the most satisfying result of turning to virtual events, according to Event Manager Blog. Virtual events are increasingly becoming an integral part of marketing strategies in various businesses.

Virtual event for business

photo credit: Chris Montgomery / Unsplash

This modern way of hosting conferences provides companies with effective solutions to communicate with a larger audience regardless of time and region. Moreover, online events increase conversion rates and maximize ROI because the expenses per lead are low. However, you should focus on making your business event a success to enjoy these perks.

Below is how virtual events can be of great value to your business, if you plan accordingly.…

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6 Tips to Get Restaurant Staff to Embrace New Software

Delivery and online orders need to be separated so they are delivered to the right personnel. However, you should be able to manage both systems on one platform. Software for cloud kitchens makes that possible with a platform that integrates all of your third-party software systems.

Restaurant manager using app

Software is the foundation for every successful restaurant operation. However, it can be difficult to get staff on board with a new system. People naturally resist change, especially when they’re used to doing things a certain way. You could have the best software in the world and there will always be people who will resist making the switch.…

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How Digital Forensics is Important to Cyber Security

As cyber breaches continue to run riot and proliferate, governmental and non-governmental organizations continue to grapple in an attempt to find a long-lasting solution to the seemingly out-of-control menace.

Digital forensics is importants to cybersecurity

No single day passes by without an organization falling victim to a cyber-attack. According to a Clark School study of the University of Maryland, there is a cyber-breach on average every 39 seconds. Legislators are coming up with laws and policies to help curb cybercrimes from spiraling to uncontrollable levels.

Digital forensics has become a critical enforcement mechanism used to tackle cyber insecurities. As you might have realized, digital devices are quickly evolving.…

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The Importance of Marketing Budget in F&B Business

Every business requires a certain amount of marketing budget no matter what your business is. Your business’s success highly depends on this marketing campaign and its budget. If you have somehow enough marketing budget, it can help you measure the extent of your business.

Tomato sauce

The food or condiments business is all about managing your investment and gaining new clients along with existing ones. If you carefully use the marketing budget, it can also help you pinpoint the opportunities to enhance the other business tactics that will surely result in your favor for your marketing budget.

Marketing is not only about advertising and promotions only these days, but it has a lot more grounds to cover through social media.…

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