Office Supplies: A Comprehensive Guide to Printing Inks

Even though we have shifted to digital copies for a lot of things, the need for hard copies will always be there for important documents in any official setting. However, very few business owners and office managers are properly acquainted with printers and printing supplies.

Printing inks

photo credit: Pixabay

As a result, they end up either overspending on printing supplies, or compromising the print quality. In this brief guide, we will quickly introduce the different types of printing inks so that better and more cost-effective choices can be made by everyone.

Toner Cartridges

Toner ink comes in powdered form, which is then fused onto the printing paper by a laser printer during the printing process.…

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Here Are Perks And Lurks Of The Gig Economy You Should Know About

With all the time we have to reflect now, have you sat down and imagined a day where you do not have an office to report to, a boss to be bossed around by, and the freedom to work as per will? Well, all of this, which once existed only in films, or that’s what we thought, is now turning into reality as the world seems grimmer by the day.

Freelancer working on a gig

The Covid-19 situation has left many unemployed, some uncertain and others hopeless. In such uncertain times, one thing seems like the plausible solution, sustainable sources of income. In other times this would have been a difficult feat to achieve, but it no longer holds.…

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Team Building Tips – Integrating Fun with Rewards

Encouraging people to work collaboratively is not only good for business, it also boosts employee morale. While nearly one third of employees are not particularly fond of team building exercises, research shows that teams are able to create a more productive and cohesive work environment, which in turn, leads to employee and client retention, as well as higher profit margins.

Team building activity

The key, then, is creating fun team building initiatives for your employees, while also integrating coveted rewards as incentives.

What are the Physical Limitations of Your Staff?

When deciding on a team building event, take into consideration that, ideally, everyone should at least be able to participate, if they so desire.…

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5 Ways to Show Your Audience You’re an Industry Expert

Wondering how to position yourself as an industry expert? Did you know that becoming an industry expert has little to do with your actual expertise? It’s a measure of your brand, not your intellect.

Building credibility

And you don’t need brilliance to create a great brand. The process is mechanical in nature. When you’re ready to discover 5 simple ways to give your brand a boost above the competition, so customers consider you an expert, read on.

1. Publish Your Own Podcast or Blog

To build trust, you need your customers to recognize your ability to provide them what they need. They must know you’re reliable.…

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How to Start a Successful Digital Marketing Business

Creating a marketing agency was much more challenging three decades ago than it is today, as the barrier to entry was massive. With an underdeveloped digital landscape, creating such an endeavor would mean putting up with costly overhead and this was nearly impossible for many people to consider parting with the initial investment required. Besides, one had to use traditional media to push the brand.

Marketing agency principal

Owing to the massive startup costs that most people could not afford and the challenges of implementing such a huge capital-intensive project without a guarantee on ROI, many people opted to pursue other business ventures. However, things have changed today, as the proliferation of the internet has somewhat eliminated the barriers to entry.…

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Do You Need Landlord Insurance?

If you are a landlord or thinking about becoming a landlord, there are 101 things to think about. Should landlord insurance be on your list?

Landlord and his property tenants

Whilst there is no legal obligation for a landlord to take out landlord insurance, you might find that you need it to take on tenants. That’s because your mortgage lender may insist that you take it out, as a conventional home insurance policy doesn’t offer appropriate cover for rental activities.

That’s not the only reason why you should take out landlord insurance though. If you want to safeguard your financial future and protect your investment, it should be at the top of your list of landlord admin.…

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The Reason Why Hosting Your Podcast on YouTube May Not Be The Best Idea

When YouTube was created in 2005 by three former PayPal employees, its goal was simple, to provide fast and shareable access to videos on the internet. Now operating in over 100 countries and in 80 different languages, it is the largest media platform on the web with over 1 billion views per day and 2.3 billion users a month. With so much traffic on the site each day it may seem like a target-rich environment for a podcast but just because it is popular doesn’t mean it is the right fit.

YouTube podcasting

YouTube podcasts are videos of podcasters as they record the podcast, not riveting imagery.…

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It’s Time to Put an End to Data Silos in Your Organization. Here’s How

If your organization has data or information that no other department can access, then you have a data silo on your hands. For many financial institutions, they are a huge headache. Sections of data that have been walled off from everyone else prevent company leadership from having a full 360-degree of their company’s performance, often resulting in ill-informed decisions.

Data silos

Luckily, resolving these issues has become significantly easier thanks to technology. Here’s how you can end walled-off data and bring your company into the digital era.

It Starts with Culture

One of the most common reasons data silos come into existence is because of company culture.…

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3 Ways To Equip Your Mind To Make Difficult Business Decisions

Making sound and smart business decisions, even under easy circumstances, can be no simple feat. Top that with having to generate important business decisions in an adverse environment, as some of us know, it can be even more cut throat.

Decision making process

Regardless of what is going on around you, though, having a clear mind, strategy, and a fair amount of patience will always be key in the art of decision making. If you need to make a good business decision under tough factors, then you’ll also need other attributes to turn to like resilience, stillness, detachment, and luck.

Your mind is not always going to be in the best state to solve complex problems on the fly, irrespective of whether the circumstances you’re facing are easy or tough.…

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5 Tips For Finding SEO Companies in Dublin’s Silicone Valley

Running a business in today’s, contemporary, world means that you’ll need to take some contemporary measures towards succeeding and establishing yourself as a recognizable brand. Those contemporary measures, unsurprisingly, have to do with digital marketing.

Finding SEO specialist

I suppose you didn’t think you could have a successful business today without investing in this type of marketing and using all of its benefits to your advantage. After all, everyone is perfectly aware of the role the Internet plays in the way companies operate these days and I assume that you are not an exception here.

As you probably know already, there are quite a lot of digital marketing techniques and tools you can nowadays use in order to increase your chances of success.…

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