5 Important New Technologies Changing the Future of Logistics

A plethora of impressive technologies is rapidly changing the future of logistics. And change is looking very good.

Logistics tech

These technological advancements are saving huge amounts of time and money for thousands of logistics companies. AI and automation are making supply chain management easier and cheaper.

Deliveries are more efficient and tracking more accurate. And it keeps getting better.

To learn all about the bright future of logistics and supply chain management, keep reading.

1. Accurate Shipment Tracking

Today, you almost never have to wonder when your package will arrive. Most logistics companies, like Inloginc.com, use highly accurate tracking systems. Some can even tell you the exact minute when your package will arrive.

And, until the package gets there, you’ll see exactly where it is every step of its journey.

2. Advanced Routing

Efficient route planning is essential to logistics and transportation. Shipping delays mean spending more on fuel and can lead to missed delivery deadlines.

And, unfortunately, the cause of these delays are sudden and unpredictable. Unforeseen road, traffic, and weather conditions can greatly increase the time and money it takes to make a delivery.

But, thanks to advanced GPS and AI technology, the solutions happen as suddenly as the problems. The GPS detects any problems with the current delivery route. Then, AI-powered route-planning apps redirect delivery drivers the very same second.

3. The Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT refers to the shared connectability of most modern devices/technologies. That is, because of the internet and wifi connectivity, any technology can be made to link with any other technology.

Thus, route-planning, ordering, inventory scanning, tracking, etc. can all be done with a single handheld device. Plus, everyone who needs to can gain access to this cloud of information by linking to it with their own device. And, since this can be done with a smartphone, there’s less need to order special devices for these purposes.

4. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Furthermore, the IoT can detect the radio signals sent out by RFID tags. When these tags are used on inventoried items, the inventory system can instantly detect the status of these items.

And it can automatically update any change in status. So, everyone connected to the system can see right away when an item is stocked, removed, or loaded into a truck. All this is all detected automatically by sensors—no scanning is required.

This technology will greatly increase the accuracy of inventories, decrease the amount of time spent checking it, and reduce shrinkage.

5. Autonomous Delivery Vehicles

Drones and AI are already changing many aspects of modern living. Combine these two technologies together and you get packages that deliver themselves.

Plus, this idea doesn’t have to apply to just one package at a time. In states where self-driving cars are legal, automated delivery trucks can transport entire loads of items.

The Future of Logistics Technology is Bright

Due to these amazing advancements, logistics today is more efficient than ever before. The future of logistics, therefore, looks even brighter. Use this logistics technology in your business and watch your own future improve.

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