Digital Transformation 101: What is Digital Transformation?

Opportunities offered by information and communication technologies are developing rapidly and business needs are also changing. In this direction, organizations need to implement digitalization effectively in order to provide more effective and efficient service and to ensure beneficiary satisfaction.

Digital transformation

Digitalization has become increasingly important today, as it makes the business process much more understandable, efficient, and fast. While developing your business with digital transformation and technology, it is also necessary to pay attention to security vulnerabilities. With digital transformation security, you can detect and prevent any risk, threat, or attack.

According to a survey made in 2021, around 60% of executives search organizations indicated that they had implemented a strategy for the digital transformation, or at the least, strengthened their efforts in establishing one due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.…

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How CEOs Can Use Digital Transformation to Improve Customer Retention

The buck usually stops on the CEOs table, especially for small businesses, and marketers who do the main job of converting and retaining customers don’t find their task easy; it takes ingenuity to convert a customer, and the effort that goes into retaining customers can at best be described as herculean. The conversion rate has become more of a mirage now that customers mostly do their shopping online.

Customer retention via digital transformation

The changes we are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic have deemed it absolutely necessary that small businesses must thrive. While this is so, the competition is getting stiffer, even for large corporations.…

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Why Every Small Business Needs to Learn About APIs

APIs or application programming interfaces are the lifeblood of most successful digital companies. APIs power the seamless mobile experiences of smartphone users, connect companies on the web, and enable modern business models, occupying the driver seat in the digital transformation of the business world.

APIs role in digital tranformation

Photo from Forbes

Many established enterprises correctly view APIs as their ticket to the race, but it’s not just the digital giants that can reap the benefits of this technology. Implementing APIs can be especially useful for small and midsize businesses that are struggling to reach digital audiences in highly saturated and tightly controlled networks and markets.…

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How To Build A Digital Transformation Roadmap

Digital transformation is crucial for organizations as it allows them to make the most of the latest technologies to enhance how they serve customers and compete in their markets.

Digital tranformation

The rapport a seller has with clients has never been more serious with all the services customers have these days. A business needs to be flexible and agile to meet the evolving needs of customers. Additionally, the responsibility is on the businesses to support such needs while streamlining efficiency.

But if you want to make your digital transformation a success, you’ll need to build a digital transformation roadmap. Without it, all your digital transformation efforts may lead your organization to implement systems that don’t even add value to your company.…

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Increasing IT Spend: Where to Invest

Eighty per cent of businesses expect to see growth in their IT budgets this year, with Gartner reporting an anticipated 4% rise in IT spend worldwide — an increase of over $3 billion in terms of market value.

But why is IT spending seeing such a large shift?

Digital transformation requires companies to increase their IT spending

Digital transformation drives have accelerated. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced many businesses to evaluate the value of their digital assets, and most are starting to realise they’ve not invested heavily enough in some essential operational tools and systems.

Many businesses now identify a need to increase their IT investment, yet not all will know where their money should be spent.…

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5 Ways to Make AI a Key Tool in Digital Transformation

Many people consider artificial intelligence (AI) as the technology industry’s future, but with the latest advancements in digital transformation development, the future is already here. Today, many organizations across various industries are applying AI to boost their business operations and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Developing an AI system

However, not all cases of digital transformation have been implemented without failures. A good example is IBM Watson’s failure to provide results in personalized health care, Microsoft’s social-learning chatbox, Tay that became anti-social after encountering hostile Twitter followers. The difference between the AI projects that fail and those that succeed mainly lies within the business strategies that organizations take.…

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CEO Interview: Aharon Horwitz of AutoLeadStar Discusses Digital Transformation Trends for Car Dealerships

Aharon Horwitz, CEO and Co-Founder of AutoLeadStar, spoke with SMBCEO about the ways in which car dealerships are transforming digitally and adapting to newer commerce trends.

Aharon Horwitz, CEO and Co-Founcer of AutoLeadStar

How are owners of local car dealerships different from owners of other independent businesses? What are the distinct challenges of digital transformation that these local car dealerships face differently from other sectors?

Great question. It always amazes me to think that car dealerships emerged as the successor to the prior modes of transportation: horses and carriage dealers and bicycle shops.

You’ve got this incredibly long tradition and history underpinning the ecosystem and it creates dynamics in the relationship between the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brands and the local dealers that are really unique.…

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Digital Marketing for Start-ups: Where do start-up businesses go wrong, and why do they fail? (Plus how to avoid the pitfalls of start-up marketing)

Quite contrary to popular belief, you can’t just add a ‘kart’ to your website and call it a start-up. It is not even a traditional business, or one-man-show either. A start-up is launched when it has a unique idea or product that fills the gap between demand and supply or is the solution that many people would like to have.

Creating video content for YouTube

A tech-enabled platform ( BharatSthali Sarees ) to bring handloom sarees at your doorsteps on a shoestring budget is a start-up, and so is a business trying to bring some management and technology-led innovation into the disorganised industry of handymen and technicians.…

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5 Priorities for SMBs Undergoing Digital Transformation

Almost every part of our lives is in some ways enhanced or modified by digital technologies. The way we communicate has changed. So did the ways we gain knowledge, spend our money, and entertain ourselves. Thanks to new, innovative technologies, we live in a world where we can access almost anything we want with a couple of clicks.

Digital transformation program

The world of business is not immune to this transformation. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly relying on digital technologies for everything from customer acquisition to employee onboarding. While digital transformation is a huge trend, there is still a sizeable number of businesses that are resisting it.…

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