4 Ways to Market Your Strictly eCommerce Business

You probably know what the term eCommerce means. eCommerce business entities operate and sell their merchandise exclusively online. They don’t have any brick-and-mortar locations, or if they do, they use these for manufacturing rather than as walk-in stores that their customers or clients can visit.

Ecommerce marketing

The strictly eCommerce business model is one that many companies use successfully these days.

However, you need to find effective ways to market your company, just as you would if you had brick-and-mortar stores. Let’s look at some of the better ways that you can do that.

Facebook Ads

Your eCommerce business model might use software as a service or desktop as a service, such as Windows Virtual Desktop.…

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10 Advanced Email Segmentation Tactics for eCommerce

Random email blasts have become a ‘thing of the past’!

Gone are the days when a single email message was enough for all the subscribers. Current times are bringing in customization like never before. The moment your subscribers will feel that your emails aren’t bringing any unique value proposition to the table, they will start losing interest or worst still, will mark your emails as spam. The benchmark email marketing success theory relies upon personalization; and email list segmentation is its linchpin!

eCommerce email segmentation

Generalizing your audiences can cost you, thus, email segmentation tops the list of email marketing best practices.…

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