Making the Workplace More Comfortable

Employee satisfaction has been one of the main contributors to company success across multiple industries. Employees working in a comfortable workspace tend to be happier, motivated, and productive, with most aiming to perform to their best just because they want to. Creating a comfortable workspace is not an easy task and comes with physical and intangible changes to the work environment.

Comfortable workplace

This article focuses on some of the healthy options you can implement at your workplace to boost employee comfort.

Bring in natural light

Natural light influences the general ambiance of the work environment; it also impacts employee mood and energy.…

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A Guide to Decorating a Corporate Workplace

With some businesses you are always going to need an office. It serves as a professional place where you can meet with clients and suppliers alike. Now, with such spaces, you do have to pay attention to the décor.

Corporate workplace design

photo credit: Uneebo Office Design / Unsplash

It is important for you to setup and maintain a place that doesn’t just look sophisticated, but also gives some idea about the business that you are running. If you want to learn how to manage all of this, here is what you should do:

Start with the Right Base

First things first, it is all about the paint.…

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Collaborative Workspaces are more than it’s Quirky, Creative Designs

Google’s office has an indoor slide for their employees and it’s exciting.

But there’s one thing that this tech giant wishes to tell us—there’s nothing wrong with injecting a little fun in the collaborative office environment. It’s good for your employees, therefore good for the entire business.

If we follow Google’s logic, office design is not just a gimmick. It’s a game plan to spike employee productivity to the roof! A recent UK workplace research proves that a well-designed office can boost a person’s happiness by 33%. This means that investing in good office design pays you back with more satisfied customers, bringing profit to the business.…

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