Beginner’s Tips For Marketing Your Business With Social Media

social media marketingWith the new year just around the corner, I’ll bet your business is getting into gear and setting new goals to accomplish.   Maybe you’re even considering marketing yourselves better online.   Beginners, new to the world of blogging and social media, may find themselves scratching their heads as to where this all begins.   Mike Fruchter’s list of 35 Tips For Getting Started With Social Media is a thorough list of steps necessary to help get you started from the very beginning.

There is a lot of great advice listed in these tips that a beginner would easily overlook.   It takes lots of time and patience to teach yourself the ins and outs of social media but be patient because the rewards can be well worth your efforts.…

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Building Up Your Customer Base During the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and although the economy isn’t everything we as business owners had hoped for, people are still out spending their hard-earned money. One main difference, however, is where they are spending it.

Shoppers this holiday season are looking for exceptional values, this is certainly true. Saving money during these times is of vital importance for many people, so it is very important to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to pricing.

More important, however is what you can do for your customer base if you keep a few key components in place for the holiday season.…

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Etiquette Tips For The Holiday Office Party

holiday office party etiquetteAs Christmas approaches quickly, so do the holiday office parties.   If your company is not experiencing the Holiday Party Blues, by cancelling their corporate celebration, consider passing along Business Etiquette Tips For The Company Holiday Party to coworkers or employees.

In this list, Carol Bory expresses the importance of remembering that the festivities are still a business event and should be treated as such.   If you know someone who could benefit from reading this list, pass it along and save everyone involved from the embarrassment that could possibly ensue.…

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How to Continue Marketing During a Recession? Email

email marketingWe’ve heard lots of advice during this recession about continuing to market hard.   That’s good advice as far as it goes.   But I’m afraid that when the rubber hits the road, marketing may still  end up getting cut in many small businesses due to costs.

So the question becomes: how do you  continue marketing your business without spending a lot of money?   That’s where the beauty of email marketing comes in.

A recent ClickZ column points out the advantages of email marketing during a recession in “10 Reasons to Be Thankful for E-mail“:

“Having lived through a number of other economic downturns, e-mail offers a real bright spot on the horizon this time around.

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Helpful iPhone Apps For The Busy Entrepreneur

helpful iphone appsAs the iPhone gains popularity, more and more interesting apps become available.   The iPhone is a great tool for entrepreneurs because it  helps you stay connected to  your business even when you’re on the go.

Sarah Scrafford has compiled a detailed list of some of the most useful iPhone apps.   I do not have an iPhone but from the sounds of some of these apps, I could really  gain a lot if I did.   See if you and your business can benefit from any of these “Top 20 iPhone Apps For Entrepreneurs“.…

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Simple Ways To Increase Your Online Sales This Holiday Season

increase holiday salesWith the holiday shopping season fast approaching, I have read and heard many predictions of customers doing most of their shopping online this year.   So to take advantage of this opportunity, now is the time to put some extra focus into developing your online sales strategies.   David Kam, of, has listed some easy to implement and budget friendly tips to  increasing your sales in his article “How To Increase Online Sales“.

One suggestion he makes is to increase the security of your online store checkout.   This is a highly important tip to consider.   The last thing you want  is for your customers information to fall into the wrong hands.  …

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Win Up To $10,000 In “What Works For Business” Contest is sponsoring a contest for entrepreneurs who have experiences in solving tough business challenges.   If you have a personal story to share, you can enter to win $2,000 to $10,000.

Anita Campbell and Joel Libava of Small Business  Trends are experts included in the panel of judges that will narrow down the field to 50 finalists.   Then winners across 10 categories will be determined by popular vote in December.   All winning businesses will be featured in a national, year-long publicity campaign related to the contest on and partner sites.    

All entries must be received  by December 3, 2008.   Simply submit a short description of your business challenge and how it was solved.  …

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Something Old or Something New – Investing In A Business

When you’re looking to own your own business, it’s easy to be drawn towards simply buying an already established one.   You think, “All the work is done,  I just simply insert myself into this well oiled money machine”.   Well, not so fast.   Crystal Williams, author of the blog, has weighed the pro and cons of purchasing an already established business.  

To me, the most important question I would ask myself is “Why is this business being sold?”.   Think of it as a Christmas gift.   The outside packaging may be neat and pretty but you need to remove the wrapping and open the  box to see what’s inside.  …

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Our Top 12 Articles From The Last 6 Months

top 12 articlesToday I would like to share with you a list of the most popular articles from the last 6 months.   Sometimes it’s hard to keep up without missing or overlooking a few posts.    So, I thought it would be nice to highlight the most popular ones you may have missed.    Even if you didn’t miss out on reading these, you may enjoy revisiting some of your own favorites.

Do Family Members Make Good Employees?

Admitting When You’ve Made A Mistake

Making Enemies With Your Comments On Other Blogs

Candle Wax + Rising Fuel Costs = Zero Profit

I Will Not Surrender To The Economy

Proposed Federal Legislation  Provides Paid Sick Time In 12 States

Would Your Parent Make An Ideal Employee?

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Trim Your Business Expenses During This Economic Downturn

trim business expensesDuring this economic downturn, some small businesses are struggling to stay ahead.   Maybe you need to consider trimming your expenses to keep more money in your pockets instead of flying out of the window.   I came across this list of suggestions to help you secure your business finances, “78 Ways For Your Small Business To Save Money In This Economy”.

The list is divided into different  categories such as Technology, Overhead, Office Items and Office Space, Advertising, Insurance and Finances, and Travel.   It also offers a lot of great resource and article links to help you along the way.   Even if your business is not struggling at this time, this list can still be of good benefit to you.  …

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