Beginner’s Tips For Marketing Your Business With Social Media

social media marketingWith the new year just around the corner, I’ll bet your business is getting into gear and setting new goals to accomplish.   Maybe you’re even considering marketing yourselves better online.   Beginners, new to the world of blogging and social media, may find themselves scratching their heads as to where this all begins.   Mike Fruchter’s list of 35 Tips For Getting Started With Social Media is a thorough list of steps necessary to help get you started from the very beginning.

There is a lot of great advice listed in these tips that a beginner would easily overlook.   It takes lots of time and patience to teach yourself the ins and outs of social media but be patient because the rewards can be well worth your efforts.…

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Establish New Year’s Goals For Your Employees

new year's business resolutionsAs we approach the beginning of a new year, it’s hard to come across anyone not making personal New Year’s resolutions or setting business goals for a successful new year.   For business owners, employees are a crucial piece of your business success puzzle.   Now is a good time to evaluate employee’s past year’s performances and look for ways to increase employee productivity in the coming new year.

David Javitch, of, has come up with a list of 10 New Year’s Resolutions that you and your employees can discuss together to guide them to a more successful and productive year.   A goal of mine this year is to form a better daily schedule for work and my personal responsibilities.  …

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Stop Spending Money This Holiday – Give Away Your Time Instead

give your time away for christmasChristmas is only two short days away.   If you’re scurrying around these last few days looking for the perfect gift at an affordable price that won’t break your budget, stop right there.   Instead of spending your hard earned money on a gift that the recipient may never even use, why not give them the gift of yourself.   Now wait just a minute…let me explain further to those of you on Santa’s naughty list.   This isn’t exactly what it sounds like.

No Christmas Gifts This Year is a site that enables you to send your friends or family an email message “gift” that you personalize yourself.  …

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Building Up Your Customer Base During the Holidays

The holiday shopping season is in full swing, and although the economy isn’t everything we as business owners had hoped for, people are still out spending their hard-earned money. One main difference, however, is where they are spending it.

Shoppers this holiday season are looking for exceptional values, this is certainly true. Saving money during these times is of vital importance for many people, so it is very important to maintain a competitive edge when it comes to pricing.

More important, however is what you can do for your customer base if you keep a few key components in place for the holiday season.…

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Participating Merchants Offer Free Shipping For Last Minute Holiday Shoppers

free holiday shippingOver 100 merchants have agreed to participate in the Free Shipping Day on Thursday, December 18th.

For holiday shopping procrastinators, this is your chance to purchase gifts from online retailers with free shipping and guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

For merchants, this is your chance to acquire new sales from shoppers who normally would worry about receiving their packages in time for Christmas.

So what do merchants stand to gain from participating in a promotion such as this?   Simply put…much needed sales.

In 2007 online shopping peaked on December 10 with $881 million in sales, while the heaviest spending period for consumers is the week before and the week after Christmas.

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Etiquette Tips For The Holiday Office Party

holiday office party etiquetteAs Christmas approaches quickly, so do the holiday office parties.   If your company is not experiencing the Holiday Party Blues, by cancelling their corporate celebration, consider passing along Business Etiquette Tips For The Company Holiday Party to coworkers or employees.

In this list, Carol Bory expresses the importance of remembering that the festivities are still a business event and should be treated as such.   If you know someone who could benefit from reading this list, pass it along and save everyone involved from the embarrassment that could possibly ensue.…

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Build Your Business Brand By Getting Noticed Online

All of your hard work is not over once you launch your small business startup online.   Don’t overlook the need to promote yourself in order to draw in clients and customers.   Believe me, just because you posted yourself to the web doesn’t necessarily mean you will be swamped with visitors to your site.   The competition is stiff and your next step should be getting your business noticed.

Consider implementing a few of Nathan Burke’s marketing ideas from his article, Top 10 Tips To Get Your Startup Noticed.   While all of his ten recommendations are helpful; participating in conversations online such as in forums, on blogs, and on social media sites, can gain you a lot of much needed exposure.  …

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Satisfy Your Internet Customers With Exceptional Customer Service

customer service

It seems that most businesses, during these tough economic times, are concentrating on offering exceptional customer service to retain valuable customers and gain new prospects.   A common goal – offering great support while hoping to set themselves apart from the competition.   For internet based businesses, this can be more challenging to accomplish than with a traditional brick and mortar business.

Internet businesses face the challenge of connecting with their consumers on a one-on-one basis even though they are not face-to-face.   This is one instance that technology can be more of a hindrance to your business than a help.   It’s imperative to make sure your customers feel that they are valued and that they matter.  …

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Calculate The Fuel Cost Of Your Next Business Trip

calculate fuel costsFinally, after months of what seemed like torture, we don’t have to give our first born child up for a gallon of gasoline.   In my area, it has been steadily dropping week after week.   Even though fuel prices are decreasing, consumers are still strapped for cash.

I came across  Cost To Drive which is a free calculator to estimate how much  it will cost you to drive to your destination.   It takes into consideration the  current  price of gasoline   and the make, model and year of the vehicle you will be driving.   Give it a try the next time you’re curious about the fuel  cost of your next business trip…

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Keeping Track Of Your Online Reputation

monitor your online business reputationIn these tough economic times, who isn’t concerned with keeping their customers satisfied?   With the convenience of social media sites and forums, it’s easy for one negative comment about your business to spread like wild fire.   Once the fire starts, it can be difficult to contain it and put it out completely.

It seems like  almost everyone is turning to Google Alerts to keep tabs on what’s being said about themselves and/or their businesses.    Although it’s a free, easy to use and convenient service, there are other avenues to take to monitor your business.   Kari Rippetoe has posted “17 Tools For Monitoring Your Company’s Online Reputation” on her blog, The Caffeinated Blog.…

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