How Do You Get Bitcoin The Practical Way?

Since Bitcoin’s introduction in 2009, it has grown from costing less than a dollar to over $9000 as of the time of writing this article. Everybody nowadays wants to know how to get into the Bitcoin game and rake in a slice of profit.

Tips for getting bitcoin

This guide will teach you some of the practical ways to get your Bitcoins safely and quickly. But first, you need to get a Bitcoin wallet. A wallet is merely a software program where Bitcoins are stored. Once you have gotten one and set it up correctly, you are ready to get some Bitcoins.

1. From other Bitcoin holders

This is the most basic form of acquiring Bitcoin – face to face from another person.…

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How Bitcoin Will Eliminate the Customer Dispute from Your Business Forever

As a small business owner, you are likely extremely protective of the entity that you have built up from nothing into an established business. That means that you are probably wary of accepting anything new into your company about which you might not know too much.

Avoiding chargebacks with bitcoin

Such a stance is a good tactic to enforce, but you also don’t want to take it too far into the realm of complacency. If you did, you could be missing out on initiatives and opportunities that could take your business into a stratosphere that you never before imagined inhabiting.

Bitcoin, the digital coins which replace normal currency in transactions over the internet, probably fall into the category of things of which you can’t be too certain as a business owner.…

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No Hassle Ideas for Adding Bitcoin Capability to Your Brand-New Business

Are you about to start up the business that you’ve spent your life dreaming about and planning? Are you worried about your ability to make that business stand out in a market that might be crowded with competitors who have already established themselves? One way you might be able to make that happen is to allow the digital coins known as Bitcoin to be part of your operations.

Bitcoin accepted here

There have been a lot of reports about this technology that might dissuade you, but many of those reports amount to nothing more than the ill-informed skepticism of people reluctant to change. In actuality, Bitcoin makes for a great fit even for businesses who are just in the process of getting things started.…

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Judging Fundamental Versus Technical When Dealing with Foreign Currency

The foreign exchange market is one that many people utilize as part of their investment portfolio. It can even be a way to build up a nest egg that can fund a small business of your own. But, obviously, that will only happen if you have the ability to judge the intricacies of the market with a great amount of efficiency.

And that often comes down to the strategy that you utilize.

Foreign currency chart

It often comes down to a debate between one of two tactics. Some use technical analysis, which focuses strongly on statistics and trends. Other prefers the usage of fundamental analysis, which is a way of determining the strength, or lack thereof, of the underlying financial instrument.…

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5 Pitfalls of Getting a Personal Loan That You Should Try Avoid

Personal loans are the popular jocks of 2018. A recent survey revealed that almost 24 million consumers in America, which equates to roughly 10% of all American adults have their eyes on personal loans.

It’s no surprise really.

Taking personal loan

These loans are indeed a great way to get some quick cash to help you out of a tight spot. But they do not come without their dangers. Lenders are responsible for accepting or rejecting applications within 24-hours.

You are responsible for your due diligence to help you make sure there are no unexpected nasty surprises lurking around the corner.

Never fear! Through this article, we will go through some of the most common surprise expenses and how you can go about avoiding them.…

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8 Ways to Maximise your Business Import and Export Profits

Opening up your business structure to a borderless playing field is a step that you may have already taken, or have at least considered in your future plan. International trade can be very lucrative, but it is always necessary to properly consider the many financial, logistical and administrative components in maximising your business import and export profits.

Export-import pforiei

1. Consider purchasing power parity

Successful international business products equate to those that are purchased in an offshore market and sold for a higher price. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? However, maximising profit also means taking into account variable factors such as the best exchange rates ie.…

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The Changing Nature of Transportation Factoring

Ask any business owner in the trucking industry and they will tell you how important financing is to their day-to-day financial strategies. And yet, for years owners of trucking companies were unable to secure funding when they needed it because banks and other traditional lenders often used difficult hurdles and long turnaround times to dissuade the trucking industry from seeking loans at all. This should come as no surprise, considering banks and other traditional lenders consider trucking to be a fickle and high-risk industry.

Transportation factoring

Luckily, over the last few decades, a new type of financing has slowly become more and more popular among trucking company owners.…

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Choosing the Right Payroll Programs for Small Business

Automating payroll processes promises saved time and increased efficiency, however, the process of switching may appear daunting, particularly if there is uncertainty about which payroll program is right for the organisation. Understanding the many options available will give decision makers confidence in choosing the right solution for their business.

Payroll software

Tips on how to choose the right payroll software solution:

Examine the business needs

No two small businesses are the same and a business will benefit from features that cater to its unique needs. When choosing payroll software, consider the following factors:

  • The size of the business
  • Time allocated to payroll functions
  • Budget available that can be allocated to payroll processing
  • Level of comfort and familiarity with regulatory and legal payroll considerations

When needs have been clearly outlined, finding the software that fits the business will become significantly easier.…

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Microfinance is Not the Miracle Pill to End Poverty

The biggest misconception about microfinance is that it is the miracle pill to put an end to poverty. This is just untrue. No one said that microfinance is the key to stopping poverty or to lift all people in developing countries out of poverty.


Poverty is an issue that has confronted several countries over the years. Not even the best leaders have been able to do something to fix the problem. Therefore, to put this kind of burden on the concept of microfinance is just unfair.

Microfinance targets poor people because the idea is for them to have easy access to loans as long as they use the money wisely and repay the loans.…

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How To Reduce Stress In Your Financial Life

No one ever said that dealing with finances was easy. In fact, without knowledge or practice, it can actually be extremely difficult.

Stressful financial life

Balancing incomings, outgoings, necessary costs and debts can seem like a never-ending juggling act and as a result, stress is a fairly common response. While you could turn to a payday loan from a Wizzcash lender in the case of a financial emergency, keeping track of your finances for the most part can help reduce stress considerably and ensure your budgets are kept to at all times.

Here, we’re exploring how you can reduce stress in your financial life.…

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