What Types Of Businesses Actually Use Private Jets Most Frequently To Travel

When we think of private jets, we imagine businessmen, superstars, government officials and industrialists. Private jets certainly are a symbol of luxury and grandeur.

Private jet travel

But for many businesses it is more of a necessity than you can imagine. Do you know what kind of businesses use private jets most frequently? The business and finance industry might be your top bet, and you are not too far off. Read on to find out more about these businesses.

1. Small Businesses

In 2018, The National Business Aviation Association which promotes the use of private jet charters carried out an analytical report that looked into the types of businesses that use private jets to travel and found that companies with over 500 employees accounted for over 70% of American private flights for businesses.…

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Which Businesses Should Consider Investing in a Truck and Why?

It’s no secret that trucks are expensive vehicles to buy, own, and maintain. That’s why most businesses don’t actually own any trucks, but rather rent them as and when they need them.

Pick-up truck

photo credit: Earthswell / Unsplash

However, the word “truck” doesn’t necessarily have to refer to a massive, eighteen-wheeler truck. A pickup truck is also a type of truck, so you can always opt for that. Both options have their pros and cons. There are various trucks to suit your business needs – even international trucks. But the big question remains: is it really necessary? Which businesses need trucks and which can go without?…

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10 Ways Small Businesses Can Come Out Ahead In 2021

The year 2020 left us with some shocking details to ponder regarding business. Knowledge is power, and this year we need to use the lessons from 2020 and know the changes being made to business administration. This can be in the form of minor restructurings, new customers, tax filing, and so much more.

Remote working for business success

photo credit: Artem Podrez / Pexels

Read on to find out how small businesses can come out ahead in 2021.

Your Sales Tax Filing

This is important. We can’t structure you here for the changes in 2021. Each business is unique on a normal year, but even more so for this tax year.…

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5 Ways to Upskill in 2021

It would be a massive understatement to say that 2020 has been a year to remember for all the wrong reasons.

And while health is always the number one priority by far, the pandemic has had a massive effect on business, meaning that in order for your enterprise to survive (and perhaps later thrive), the dawn of the new year is an excellent time to develop those skills which can make you more attractive to clients and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Upskilling for 2021

With that in mind, here are five ways to upskill in 2021.

1. Digital skills

If you’re one of the millions of businesses focusing more on your digital presence than physical operations, enhancing your digital skills means that you’ll need to rely less on paying specialist agencies and become more self-sufficient.…

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4 Things Companies Can Do to Let Their Employees Know They Care

If 2020 did nothing else, it let many employees know how their company truly felt about them. Some businesses bent over backward to help their employees in light of the pandemic and the pandemonium it caused. Others thought of nothing but their top executives, leaving those on the bottom rungs struggling to survive.

Conversation with employee

photo credit: Gustavo Fring / Pexels

Multiple vaccines will soon be widely available, and America and the world should move on from this coronavirus-fueled nightmare. However, many workers will have to find new jobs, even the ones who their companies did not terminate. They’ll want to move on because of their companies’ atrocious behavior.…

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Your Competitive Edge: 9 Golden Rules of Customer Service

Modern-day consumers are nowhere near as loyal or forgiving as their predecessors and that means you have to give them great customer service each and every time they decide to do business with you, or they might walk away and not return.

Caring customer support

Using a digital marketing agency to help you attract and retain customers can often be a good part of your marketing strategy and you will also need to focus on ensuring that you deliver on your promises.

Here are the golden rules of customer service to abide by if you want to keep the orders flowing.

Be consistent

You can never assume that you have got a customer for life when they do business with you.…

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5 Benefits of Working with a Business Coach

Launching and managing a business takes a great deal of hard work, patience, and perseverance. If you’re running a small operation and work alone, the pressures and responsibilities you face as a result can be difficult to manage. However, having a helping hand in the form of a business coach can do wonders for both your health and your company.

Working with a business coach

Here are some of the benefits you can gain from bringing a business coach on board.

Reduced Stress Levels

With so many areas to cover before launching a business, high-stress levels can take their toll and cause you to burn out.

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Changing Business Strategies: 6 Effective Ways to Know

When it comes to your business, vigilant change and vigorous growth are absolute necessities. However, both change and growth are not easy. A CBInsights analysis of 101 startups polls 14% of businesses fail because of poor marketing strategies.

Changing business strategies

No matter what you sell, be it products, services, or information- the most important step is to reach the right customer. However, getting the word out to the right audiences has become a massive challenge. Hence, you must change your business strategies from time to time to make the most powerful impact.

What, how, and where?

The first and most important target that your business needs to meet here is increasing your visibility while sticking to a budget.…

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5 Best Practices for New Property Managers

Running an apartment property or complex is a demanding yet rewarding occupation. You’ll often find property managers (also known as facilities management administrators or apartment managers) at the head of such enterprises. Apartment managers are tasked with managing a landlord’s obligation, sometimes acting as a landlord themselves. Their responsibilities include managing financial matters, enforcing leases, and preparing performance reports. Facilities management administrators find success by ensuring effective daily functions and meeting financial purposes.

Property manager discussing with new tenant

People across the United States are moving to rental locations in larger numbers. Approximately 37 percent of renters live in apartment buildings. This is about 39 million people in total.…

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5 Ways Instagram Can Increase Your Business Productivity

With the constant increase in social media usage around the world, businesses have found a way to use it to their advantage. Most businesses around the world see social media as a new opportunity to enhance their market presence, boost their revenue, and ultimately increase their business productivity. According to a study done by Microsoft in 2013, approx. 46% of employees claim that effective use of social media as a communication tool has enhanced their productivity.

Preparing Instagram post

Many companies are incorporating various social media platforms in their marketing strategies. It is so, because they see it not just as a collaborative tool for their employees that streamlines communication, but also as a way to engage with their customers.…

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