What is a Self-Directed IRA? Helpful Tips for Investing in it

Self-Directed IRAs (SDIRA) enable you to invest in various assets, including property, precious metals, bonds, stocks, and much more.

Self-directed IRA

Every self-directed IRA is different, and so are the investors. Some are professional investors with years of experience who can manage their traditional IRA or Roth IRA investments independently. Others are newbies and looking for more control over their retirement investments. Many people just want to get away from the stock market turmoil.

What is a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA)?

A self-directed individual retirement account (SDIRA) is a type of individual retirement account (IRA). You can hold various alternative investments that are generally prohibited by conventional IRAs.…

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A Few Words about Flutter

Flutter is even more popular than it seems at first glance. You may have never heard about it but there is a high possibility that you have used an app made with it. Such companies as Alibaba, Google, Groupon, eBay, The New York Times, and SpaceX used Flutter for their apps.

Flutter framework

So, what is special about Flutter? We, Flutter app development company OTAKOYI, know this technology inside out. As it is with any instrument, it has pros and cons. Therefore, read on to learn everything you need to know about Flutter.

About Flutter in General

Google has created Flutter as a technology for cross-platform development.…

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5 Assets Your Business Needs in Order To Double Its Profit

Business assets are things your business owns, benefits from or makes. Many of them can be directly responsible for doubling your company’s profits.

Professional using laptop for

Here are five of those crucial assets and why they’re so instrumental in helping the enterprise’s bottom line.

1. Real Estate

Business real estate falls into numerous types. For example, you might have a downtown office space, plus a distribution center located on several acres of land. The company may also have a manufacturing facility classified as a real estate asset. Real estate can help grow your business by ensuring it has the space to operate in ways that foster growth.…

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Correlation Between Gold and The Stock Market: What It Means For You?

Over the years, prices of every single good on the market tend to vary. This is exactly why investors are taking it upon them to do the necessary research before making any kinds of commitments and investments. Yet, you don’t need to be a financial wizard in order to notice certain trends and use them to your advantage. In this case, I am precisely referring to the trends on the stock market and the prices of gold.

Stock market vs gold investing

There has been a lot of talk about the correlation between gold and stock and people definitely cannot help it but agree on one particular thing.…

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Key Takeaways From 5 of the Most Successful Ad Campaigns of All Time

Conceptualizing and strategizing a promotional campaign is easily the most exciting, yet nerve-wracking part of raising brand awareness. Thousands of marketing campaigns get launched all around the world every year, but only a small fraction sticks the landing in creating unforgettable ads that cement the legacy of the brands they’re promoting.

Apple commercial 1984 (Anya Major)

Apple iconic commercial 1984

To increase your chances of coming up with high-impact ads that would stand the test of time, we have compiled lessons from some of the most enduring and successful ad campaigns of all time.

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Innovations in Touchscreen Technology

Touchscreen technology – something most gadget lovers take for granted in their everyday dealings with smartphones and tablets – didn’t achieve precision until the 1990s, but today, they are increasingly lighter, finer, and more adaptable. Innovative designers have developed an array of new screens capable of doing everything from bending to being projected onto any flat surface.


photo credit: Timothy Muza / Unsplash

If you are thinking of replacing your projector, tablet or laptop, ensure the item you purchase has at least one of these cool features.

Touchscreen Projectors For Schools

Most kids these days (at least those who use smartphones or tablets regularly) assume that all screens are touchscreens, so it is only logical that one focus for the touchscreen design sector is schools.…

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What to Do when Your Business is Struggling

If your business is currently in a precarious financial position, you may be faced with some tough decisions ahead. It is unfortunate yet inevitable that during economic downturns small and medium-sized companies will struggle.

Failed businesswoman

You should not give up hope, however.

If you adopt a positive and active approach, you may find that your business is salvageable. At the very least, you will mitigate any risks to yourself. Here are a few tips for when your company is at risk of going under.

Evaluate Your Financial Position

It will be difficult for you to judge what you should to with your company without getting a clear picture of its finances.…

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Cash-Out Refinance: What Is More Than Owning A House

One of the notable financial investments an individual can have is owning a house. The idea of owning a home sounds exciting, but wait until you get to see the responsibilities of owning one.


Being a homeowner offers tremendous fulfillment but involves a great deal of work. Investing in a house requires you to make sure that you’re doing the proper maintenance and that you’re keeping it as up-to-date as possible.

Whether you are a new or long-time homeowner, you must know how to invest your time and money before settling because owning a house might either be an investment or a financial burden.…

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How Can Technologies Prepare the World for the Next Health Crisis?

The current health crisis took the world by surprise. Less than two years ago, it was hard to imagine that some virus can spread all over the globe, changing the lives of millions of people. The level of disaster preparedness had been shallow, and, naturally, a public health system collapsed. But, today, the lesson is learned, so it’s time to improve our ability to deal with similar situations.

Doctor with a sthetoscope

photo credit: Unsplash

Since technologies have played a fundamental role in the battle against COVID-19, healthcare software development companies should become crucial participants in most preparation initiatives.

Exoft has successfully completed a number of health-tech projects.…

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