Online Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing – What Should You Choose?

Marketing a product or a service is a necessity for every single business out there. If nobody knows about a product, sales will not be generated and profit does not exist. Marketing is vital but few business owners actually have the necessary knowledge to make correct choices.

Online marketing for local business

The biggest debate that normally appears is using online marketing or traditional marketing. We can say that online marketing is rather new, although it has been used for some years now. It practically refers to using the tools that are offered by the internet in order to promote the services or products of a company.…

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How to Effectively Use Ethos, Pathos and Logos in your Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing and advertising to an online market can be a tricky endeavor. With so many people using the Internet daily, it can be a challenge to know exactly who you’re targeting and how to most effectively reach that ideal audience. However, by understanding the concepts of ethos, pathos and logos and how they affect your marketing strategy, you may just have an easier time connecting with your target market and having more online business success.

Online marketing strategy

Marketing with Ethos

A lot of the success businesses have online can be attributed to their ethos, or how credible they are. Because people know that anyone can write anything on the Internet, it takes a certain amount of ethos to make a potential client or customer feel that they can trust a business entity that they see exclusively on the Internet.…

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5 Things to Remember in Dominating Long Tail Keywords

For any person who is focusing on SEO campaigns for a business, it is essential to know about long tail keywords. Long tail keywords can be the difference between a successful business website, and one that nobody visits. They are especially important for people running small businesses, as you don’t have some large team handling your SEO efforts.


If you are using long tail keywords in your SEO strategy (and you should be), here are 5 things that you should remember to help you dominate the competition.

1. Stay Focused on Your Subject

The point of a long tail keyword is to find a phrase that people are searching for a lot, but not one that every other company is also going after.…

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PPC Advertising is Not Just About Keyword Match Types

Novices to PPC Advertising might very well believe that managing a PPC Advertising Campaign is all about selecting the right keywords and attaching those keywords to appropriate advertisements and their respective landing pages.

Even though this is the basic idea behind PPC Advertising, without a doubt, and one of the reasons why Google AdWords Advertising is one of the easiest to get involved in, this is not the be all and end all to PPC.

pay-per-click advertising

The possibilities for getting really creative with your PPC Advertising are endless. The types of PPC Advertisements available to the average online marketer are expanding all the time.…

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Digital Marketing Tips for New Websites

Setting up a new website is an exciting time but if you don’t optimize it or undertake digital marketing practices it will be difficult to get it in front of the right audience.

Digital Marketing Tips for New Websites

Here we’ll take a look at the basics to get your site ranking higher in the search results as well as increasing your exposure across the web.

Simplify things

A longwinded and confusing website will just frustrate the user. If you are a small business advertising a product then give the user what they want, which should be a simple journey to the product page.

Set up Social Channels

Integrating social platforms will increase your exposure and enable users to share your content with their friends and colleagues.…

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Small Business Owner’s Guide To Turning Your Web Content From Drab To Fab

For small businesses, online marketing is their one chance to reach their target audience. Unfortunately, most small businesses forget online marketing begins at home first.

Let’s face it, no matter how awesome your online marketing efforts are, if your website’s copy is drab, it’s never going to convert visitors into customers.

Small Business Owner's Guide to Turning Your Web Content from Drab to Fab

Luckily, turning your web content from drab to fab isn’t hard-if you know what to do.

If you’re not happy with the results of your web copy’s performance, try doing the following to improve it:

Write for one person – Instead of writing to a group of people, write to one.…

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4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Embracing Social Media

With the recent Penguin and Panda updates, websites in every industry have begun to change the way they approach SEO and marketing in general. Instead of focusing on impressing  search engine algorithms webmasters and marketers are now focusing more on genuinely impressing  people  so that they will want to share content with  other  people through the social web.

4 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Be Embracing Social Media

There are a number of obvious advantages to using social media and we  could  simply leave it at “it’s necessary because all your competitors are doing it”, but to really give you an idea of  why  you would be missing out if you fail to  utilise  social media in 2013 we’ve compiled the following list of reasons:


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Website Design: Don’t Let Your First Impression Be Your Last

The other day, I looked up a restaurant website to tell a friend about a great meal I enjoyed. Instead, I found myself making excuses for their lousy website, which was a poor reflection of their excellent food and service.

Website Design: Don't Let Your First Impression Be Your Last

Does your website possibly give the wrong impression of your business? It’s helpful to look at your site through the eyes of…

…A first-timer.

Can you tell what your business is all about from the homepage? Make sure your website quickly answers the basics. Make it easy to find your contact name, address, phone numbers, business hours, email address, and a map.…

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The 3 Best Ways To Market Your Small Business

The 3 Best Ways To Market Your Small Business

When you are looking to market your small business, it’s important to find ways to get the most out of money spent. You want to get the most out of all your efforts because it’s likely your budget is limited.

Here are the three best ways to market your small business.

  1. Paper Marketing –  Paper marketing can be your best friend. Tried and true, it still works. It’s all about working smarter, not harder. People still like something they can touch. Sending out birthday coupons, fundraising campaign requests, holiday promotions, customer appreciation cards and more can be a really great way to connect with your current and potential customer base and works really well as part of your online campaigns as well.
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How SMBs Can Build And Maintain An Effective Website

We are in a tough economic climate where SMBs need to work effectively to gain the edge over their competitors. With confusion over copyright and the proliferation of “˜do it yourself’ website builders, many business owners are left feeling unsure about how to create their own site which will stand out, be effective at securing new business and suit their needs, but which will also be copyright compliant.

Businesses need to look to communicate their brand values and unique selling propositions successfully and in this online-driven society, so an easy-to-use website with strong visuals is key. The visual language used on a website must represent the company’s values and connect with its customers.…

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