10 Valuable Small Business Management & Leadership Articles

leadership & management articlesAs small business owners, we want to be the best leaders possible.   If you’re new to business management, you may not know how to go about just that.   I’ve found 10 very useful articles that may give you some new insight into managing your small business better.   Each article has something different to offer readers so be sure to see them all.   Enjoy!

Kicking Them When They’re Down: How Not To Fire An EmployeeSkip Anderson pleads with managers to act professionally when terminating an employee.

Hiring From Outside The Company: How New People Can Bring Unexpected ProblemsKnowledge@Wharton weighs the pros and cons of hiring employees without prior experience in your business’ industry.

7 Tips To Make Sure You Get Paid By ClientsMen With Pens provides a collection of tips to help you make sure you always get paid by your customers.

How To Create A Reutation For Honesty As A Leader (Part 1) – This 3 part series, written by John Cameron, starts with a lesson on the importance of making fewer promises and following through on all of them.

How To Create A Reutation For Honesty As A Leader (Part 2) – This second portion ellaborates more on how making one simple change can show employees that you are serious about keeping your promises.

How To Create A Reutation For Honesty As A Leader (Part 3) – This third and last installment is all about trust.   John discusses how you as a leader can help employees deam you as a trustworthy leader.

41 Awesome & Timely Leadership PrinciplesSmallBizBee.com posts this list of quotes which gives insights into what it takes to be a good leader.

How To Retain Employees Without Pay RaisesZane Safrit offers this timely article of great benefit in these challenging economic times.

10 Must Do Steps Before TerminationHR Daily Advisor offers this checklist of ways to handle terminations while avoiding lawsuits.

Steer Clear Of These 10 Illegal Job Interview Questions – A helpful Tech Republic list of questions to avoid when conducting an employee interview.


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    Excellent list, thanks for doing the footwork to pull it together. . . I’m going through them now 🙂


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